Atabey Sánchez- Haiman, Giraffes and Robots

Atabey SanchezEntrepreneur, painter, and illustrator, Atabey Sánchez-Haiman is the owner and artist of Giraffes and Robots, art that makes you smile. Originally from Puerto Rico, Atabey graduated with a biology degree from Brown University. While working as a scientist and teacher, she began painting and illustrating on the side until ultimately quitting her day job to dedicate herself to art full time. She started Giraffes and Robots two and a half years ago. “I started my business as a way to share my passion for bright, happy, cheerful images that make people smile,” said Atabey.

Atabey started out selling her art on consignment and wholesale through other businesses including Stock, Craftland and Providence Picture Frame. She also sells at the Providence Artisan Market and the Providence Flea. “After two years of selling solely through other stores and art markets and having customers often ask where my store was located, I took the plunge and opened my studio/retail space at Hope Artiste Village. It has been so much fun to create a space where my customers can enjoy and purchase my work,” said Atabey.

The growth of her company is a testament to her ability to build and distinguish her brand while nourishing collaborations with local icons. Atabey’s unique and often locally inspired, playful work has been featured in numerous publications. Her illustrations of local landmarks, like the Superman building, are some of her most popular.

She attributes much of her success to Rhode Island, “My business is the kind of business that it is because I am in Rhode Island, a state which highly values art and individuality. I love how Rhode Island businesses help and support each other, which is why I often feature local businesses in my illustrations and also donate my art to raise funds for local schools and non-profits. There is so much that is unique in this State and it is so much fun to express that uniqueness through my artwork.”

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