“2 Painting Duel” Coming in July!

Those wanting to either spruce up their favorite room and/or invest in art should participate in the Machala Watercolor Studio’s “2 Painting Duel” happening throughout July on Facebook.

Last year, Owner Hollis Machala said she began this original sale to help more art lovers to be able to pick artwork that they liked best.

“The ‘2 Painting Duel’ is a fun way to duel to see which painting customers love the best,” she said. “You won’t know exactly what you get until the paintings are revealed on the dates they are purchased. However, customers may choose their favorite one based on a reference photo that is posted on my website, https://www.machalarts.com/2-painting-duel.”

This year, only has five dates are available to grab in July for $300. Those dates are the 14th, 16th, 21st, 23rd and 28th.

Clients have the option to give her a reference photo they would like as a painting. She then paints one painting of their photo and one that they purchase off the website. Then, the client selects which one they want to take home! A second option is purchasing the other painting for an additional $50.

While “The Duel” is already in motion, Machala said there are a few spots still available for the chance to find artwork that speaks more to a favorite memory and/or subject that Hollis herself paints.

As she put it, “I want to help more people find accessible art that speaks to them, because it is so important to enjoy your surroundings. This is also a great way to start to become a collector of art!”


The Duel is being broadcast on her FB Art Group called Watercolor Studio Insiders – Art by Hollis Machala. People can visit her website at: www.facebook.com/groups/machalarts

Additional details may also be found on her website referenced above or contacting Hollis at (508) 944-4410 or machalarts@gmail.com.

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