Amy Levesque Fields, Hub Digital

Amy Levesque FieldsFrom a young age, Amy Levesque Fields was taught by her father that “there is no greater pride than owning something that you can call your own.” Shaping her career path around the firm belief that a person can’t be honorable in life unless they are honorable in business, Amy always knew that she would come to own her own business someday.

“To me, there is no one braver than an entrepreneur, and I want to help them thrive by successfully promoting their products and services online,” said Amy. It is in this spirit and frame of mind that Amy channeled her strengths in digital marketing and pursued her dream of becoming a small business owner. With a forward-thinking mind and a strong belief in the necessity of effective digital practices in business, Amy founded Hub Digital—a full-service marketing business—to assist small businesses in Rhode Island grow and gain a better understanding of the online and digital world.

For Amy, her mission has always been greater than just driving success and establishing a profitable business, it includes empowering other small business owners and showing them that they can hold their own in the marketplace. In the past year, Hub Digital has tripled their sales. To further growth, Amy has developed a series of online classes geared towards teaching clients about a wide variety of topics so that they can maintain their digital practices more efficiently. These classes are offered at more affordable price points, and come broken in smaller modules to accommodate the busy schedules of business owners. Taken independently, these classes are meant to empower the small business owner and help them gain a better understanding of all aspects of digital marketing. Hub Digital’s online marketing services—including website design, blogging, copywriting, grassroots marketing strategies, email marketing, graphic design, and display ad purchase/design—continue to help transform Rhode Island into a place where small businesses can thrive.

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