Professional Women’s Leadership Association, Nexus, Opens RI Chapter

PROVIDENCE – For the past year, the Women in Leadership Nexus has united powerhouse women committed to launching their leadership journey and co-creating a new leadership paradigm to shape the corporate sector. Today, the professional association announces the formal launch of its Rhode Island Chapter, dedicated to empowering women to reach newfound levels of professional success.

Throughout 2017, more than 200 women joined the movement, showing up at Nexus events, joining the blogging community and challenging traditional paradigms that hold that leadership is determined by hierarchy. With the opening of an official Rhode Island Chapter, members will have the opportunity to more intentionally accelerate their leadership journey by being armed with the skill sets, perspectives, experiences, relationships and knowledge needed to reach new sizeable milestones.

“At Nexus, we are passionate about helping our members achieve their professional and personal game-changing moments, the ones that will forever shape their leadership legacy,” says Carrie Majewski, Founder/CEO of Nexus. “We help our members recognize that they can be the X-factor leader or what we like to call the next-gen leader. They can be the leaders that build the awe-inspiring workplaces of tomorrow; the authors of the next best-selling business book; the trailblazers giving the top-viewed TED talk. We inspire our members to believe any dream is possible.”

The Nexus offers both Professional and Corporate Memberships, with organizations able to sponsor a specific number of employees. Nexus members enjoy a number of benefits, from members-only pricing at quarterly chapter events to access to a members-only portal to preferred rates for Nexus- and partner-led leadership development workshops. Potential members will be vetted during an application process to ensure the cultivation of a group of women committed to intentional leadership.

The Rhode Island Chapter also includes 16 Founding Members who will play a critical role in evangelizing the group’s purpose, shaping the chapter’s ideology and identifying strong candidates for membership.

“Women need more women cheerleaders. The Women in Leadership Nexus gives us just that, bringing together women of all ages and career paths to a safe haven to let our hair down, learn new things, be vulnerable, laugh (a lot!) and grow—together,” says Jen Hetzel Silbert, Founding Member, Employer Engagement, TechHire Rhode Island. “Each event and interaction gives me a reason to stand taller and with the confidence that, in spite of the daily challenges faced at home and on the job, I know I’m capable, I’m worthy and I’m not alone.”

Adds Susan Keller, Founding Member, Entrepreneurial Executives: “The Nexus brings together leaders of all ages, professions and experiences who lead in unique ways. Nexus has embraced a different way to look at leaders and how they lead. Having a diverse group of smart women in the same room is inspiring and has allowed me to connect with women that I might not otherwise have had the opportunity to meet.”

To learn more about the Women in Leadership Nexus and membership opportunities, visit:

About The Women in Leadership Nexus
The Women in Leadership Nexus empowers women to reach an amplified level of leadership, fueled to be the agents of change and co-creators of a different leadership paradigm. Through in-person events and an interactive member community, the Nexus unites women looking to explore, shape and apply the principles of a next-gen leader. The Nexus offers application-based membership to its Rhode Island Chapter, with members spanning all industries and professions. To learn more, please visit

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