Patrick Antle | Managing Scientist | Protein Matrix

2018 New England Business Association Rising Star Winner Protein Matrix was founded upon
the idea that agricultural proteins can be used to solve industrial problems. Our fundamental
technology has utility in a number of end markets, including conventional/enhanced oil
production and environmental remediation/hazardous waste site cleanup, but we are currently
focused on a line of products within the wastewater and food service sectors.

These products prevent the buildup of food fats, oils, and greases (F.O.G.) by disrupting the
intermolecular forces between the individual F.O.G. molecules, creating a water-soluble and
sewer-safe byproduct that will not re-solidify downstream. When used in restaurants, food
processing plants, water treatment facilities, and collection systems environments, our products save upwards of 30% on “status quo” maintenance, reduce the amount of time that workers must spend in hazardous confined spaces, performing difficult and unpleasant work, and eliminate the risk of clogs, overflows, and the corresponding costly kitchen shutdowns and lost business.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the reaction byproduct can be used to create renewable
energy – that is, allowing for F.O.G., a material with a higher energy density than coal, to be
used as the primary feedstock in anaerobic digestion processes.

The technology is patent-protected, scalable, and easily-implemented using off-the-shelf-
equipment. Our business model includes volume-based sales, MRR, and service contracts,
allowing for the consistent, recurring revenue that comes with the sale of consumables. Between the 16,000 water treatment facilities, 625,000 restaurants and processing plants, and 1,200,000 miles of sewer pipes in the U.S., we project a $3.6 billion total available market. With the completion of product and implementation R&D and market research, satisfaction of early adopters, and success with regional channel partners, the company finds itself at an inflection point. On the horizon lies introduction into new markets, both domestic and international. To this end, we are looking to engage with strategic partners to accelerate our heretofore steady growth.

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