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Call for IT Employers: C#, Business Management, Agile Project Management, and Experiential Learning Highlight Tech Collective’s Industry-Guided IT On Demand Program.

If there is one word to describe the IT industry, it is “innovative.” So when it comes to its talent shortage, what better way for the industry to meet its need than to practice what it preaches?

Step in: Tech Collective’s IT On Demand program. Last December, 15 previously unemployed IT professionals completed the IT On Demand program and became employed by Rhode Island IT companies. In a state with the highest unemployment rate, 15 new employees adding to the growth, capacity, and innovation of Rhode Island companies is something to celebrate – and replicate. So we are going to.

IT On Demand Overview

Designed and delivered with industry involvement, IT On Demand provides unemployed IT practitioners with technical, business, and experiential training. IT On Demand is geared towards workers with prior IT knowledge and experience. The 14-week program aims to advance participants’ technical and business skill set and prepare them to re-enter the workforce at the mid-level.

The 2014 IT On Demand program will begin in July and is supported by Workforce Solutions of Providence/Cranston and the Workforce Partnership of Greater Rhode Island, with funds provided by a grant from the Rhode Island Department of Employment and Training and the US Department of Labor. IT On Demand training will include:

–      C# Programming – with Visual Studio 2010 and an introduction to Object Oriented Programming. Training provided by New Horizons (certificate of completion will be provided).

–      Business Management Certificate with Agile Project Management – Leadership, Customer Service, Communication Skills, Critical Thinking, and Agile Project Management. Training provided by Bryant University Executive Development Center (certificate of completion will be provided; 6.0 CEU’s).

–      Industry and Job Readiness – RI IT Industry overview and job search, resume writing, and interviewing techniques provided by Tech Collective.

–      Experiential Learning – 8 weeks, hosted by a RI IT employer. Each participant will have previous IT experience in various capacities and each will have completed the technical and business components of the program.
Call for Employers

Tech Collective is currently calling for employer involvement. Providing insights and guidance, employers can be part of one or several components of the program, including: selecting program participants through face-to-face meet and greet interviews and a technical challenge; providing company tours or class presentations; attending a mid-session networking event; and/or hosting an IT On Demand participant for an 8-week experiential learning opportunity.

IT On Demand is successful because it is agile and responsive, and led predominately by the needs and input of Rhode Island tech employers. Last year, more than 10 companies not only benefited from this program, but contributed to it. These were leaders who stepped outside of traditional workforce and training models to make a change and make a difference. For example, Carousel Industries was one such company. As Carousel Convergence Supervisor, Jenn Ward, put it: “Carousel is privileged to be among the tech companies who were involved in this endeavor to better the lives of unemployed, yet highly skilled IT professionals – and to better our own team at the same time.”

Similarly, IT On Demand participant, Philip Terrien, who completed his experiential learning component at Envision Technology Advisors, shared how the program had changed his life at the IT On Demand Graduation in December: “In Rhode Island, we are lucky to have businesses becoming creative in their talent search and finding untapped resources through programs like IT On Demand… In the last eight weeks I have earned three valuable certifications, but even more importantly, I have expanded my professional network exponentially. I have discovered that I have an ability to run effective team meetings and organize projects through my business management training at Bryant University. I didn’t know I could do that.”

Tech Collective is proud to offer these opportunities again to Rhode Island’s industry and workforce. Our state faces many challenges, now is the time for employers to continue to lead some of the innovative and successful programs happening here. IT on Demand is one of those success stories.

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Employers interested in being part of IT On Demand should contact me directly at (401) 521-7805 x108 / More information about Tech Collective’s IT on Demand program can also be found at

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