Laid-Back Fitness, LLC

Opened: September 2011

Number of Employees: 3

Address: 2800 Post Road, Warwick, RI 02886


Biggest challenge: Leaving a high-paying career with awesome benefits to pursue my passion!


At Laid-Back Fitness, we specialize in fun and challenging workouts using unique yet practical equipment.  Founded by a former engineer and ironman triathlete, Laid-Back Fitness takes a systematic approach to training as it applies to overall health. Our workouts incorporate “play” while focusing on developing fundamental human skills and increasing efficiency of movement. All of these principles are geared to help people become healthier and improve their quality of life without being obsessive. While physical fitness is important, we believe a healthy lifestyle also involves eating responsibly, participating in recreational activities we enjoy, and taking time to relax when our bodies give us that message.

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