Rita Danielle Steele,Esq., Steele Realty Consultants International

Rita Danielle SteeleEight years ago Rita Danielle Steele left her legal career to pursue another true passion of hers, real estate. She opened her first business in real estate, a small boutique real estate brokerage firm, alongside a business partner. The little experience they had in the way day-to-day business operations were typically performed gave them freedom to build a business model unique from their competitors. Rita’s brokerage was at the forefront of adapting to the needs of consumers. Her business experienced rapid growth but after overcoming much trial and tribulation, she felt she was complacent in the business.

Rita was compelled to shift gears, creating Steele Realty Consultants International (SRCI) last Fall. Her new company specializes in consultant-based services, a new and emerging business model in Rhode Island. “To me, a status quo, unfocused life is a neglectful life. It matters to me deeply that I make a difference, even if in the smallest way, every day. And I am building my company upon that foundation,” Rita said.

Their mission is to provide expert advice and to serve their clients best interests. “It is never simply to sell.” Rita explained, “In order to share our services to a broader pool of consumers, and to reach consumers who don’t like the current industry system, our consultation services and compensation alternatives provide a tailored fit to every clients’ particular situation.”

Her vow to make a difference is not only the building blocks of her new business; Rita shows a strong commitment to Rhode Island, recently elected to the Providence Preservation’s Society’s Board of Trustees. As a unique consultant-based service, her business has many opportunities for growth.

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