Kristin M. MacRae, Organizing In RI, LLC

Kristin MacRaeThe self-driven, motivated Kristin M. MacRae launched Organizing In RI, LLC in 2012 to help people who struggle to stay organized and have time management issues both in their homes and/or businesses. Since the inception of Organizing In RI, LLC, the business has grown consistently over the past four years. Kristin said, “Being a solopreneur, aside from working side-by-side with my clients, I am also the marketing team, web design and tech team, the bookkeeper, and writer. I do it all, efficiently and effectively.”

Kristin works one-on-one with clients tackling all of their organizing needs by offering an array of services including in-home organization, business organization, time management strategy, and individualized consolidation plans. Her strong dedication to both her brand and clients, ranging from 8 year olds to corporate executives, is what has helped her become one of the best organizing experts in Rhode Island.

Additionally, Kristin is a weekly columnist for, a contributing writer to local magazines, and makes frequent presentations throughout the state including her most recent speaking engagement at the 2016 Bryant Women’s Summit in March. She sells a 1-hour ‘Organizing Basics’ CD sold in Whole Foods Market in Cranston.

Not only is Kristin highly committed to her business, she is deeply passionate about networking and helping others, volunteering her time to charity events and has been an ambassador with the East Greenwich Chamber since 2012. Her greatest strength is that her business is never stagnant and always evolving, helping others save time and money while becoming well-organized and productive.

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