2016 Rhode Island Young Entrepreneur of the Year

ElainaEliana Parada

Owner, Las Delicias Bakery

Eliana Parada began her career not as owner and proprietor of the Las Delicias Bakery but as an employee. Her mother opened the family business in 2006, filling a void of traditional Latin American baked goods within her community. They specialize in Bolivian, Guatemalan, and Mexican breads which Eliana learned the recipes for under the guidance and tutelage of her mother. Eliana immersed herself into Las Delicias Bakery, quickly picking up how to operate the business day to day operations.

In 2010, Eliana took over the business from her mother and began enacting her vision to the grow Las Delicias Bakery. She began by garnering more equipment to allow for expanded production, while updating the bakeries technology to expedite process. Soon the bakery located at 964 Atwells Avenue in Providence was able to produce more goods for a larger clientele. To cater to her new customers Eliana has continued to create new and exciting goods that keep her community happy, “the community likes trying new and different things.”

The twenty-eight year old Eliana continues to learn every day and has used resources like the SBA, SCORE, and Center for Women & Enterprise to garner the knowledge to help her business succeed. Eliana is a graduate of the CWE’s business planning course noting that the knowledge, strategic planning, and continuous support from the CWE staff always motivates her to keep moving the business forward, “I don’t know where I would be without their help.” Eliana continues to apply what she has learned at the CWE in her daily handling of the business, “I work on my business plan and I stick to it, I always stick to it.”

Eliana is currently renovating a new location in order to expand her operations further, “We currently operate with three employees and we do see that number growing in the near future.” Eliana is proud of the growth that her business has shown but admits that she wouldn’t be here without a strong support system, “My mom has always been my number one supporter, I couldn’t have done it without her.”

It is this type of family involvement that has made Las Delicias Bakery a staple in Eliana’s community and it is the same sentiment that keeps her customers coming back. The atmosphere and ability to deliver fresh, quality products daily has produced a winning combination for this second generation Bolivian businesswoman.

Eliana offered some advice to any other young entrepreneurs who may be interested in starting their own business, “Do you homework, research, and start off with a business plan. Try to connect and network with people in your business realm.” Valuable advice that Eliana herself practices in her business life.

The U.S. Small Business Administration is pleased to honor Eliana Parada, owner of Las Delicias Bakery in Providence with the 2016 Rhode Island Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

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