Tri-Town Chamber of Commerce celebrates Moe’s Southwest Grill with a Ribbon Cutting.

We congratulate Moe’s Southwest Grill on the opening of their second location in Foxborough at Forbes Crossing. Supporting Moe’s at the event were State and Local Town officials as well as Tri-Town Chamber of Commerce members.   “The new location is bright and beautiful, the Southwest fair is amazing!  Kara Griffin, Executive Director of the Tri-Town Chamber of Commerce.


From the second you walk into a Moe’s, you’ll notice there’s something different. You actually feel welcomed. Ever since our employees at the first location in Atlanta, GA in the year 2000 shouted “Welcome to Moe’s!” – Which probably scared the bejesus out of those first guests – that phrase has embodied our entire culture. Everybody is welcome at Moe’s. Except, of course, fugitives.


4 Foxborough Blvd  Foxborough, MA, 02035 (774) 215-5449

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