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The Tweeting Butler is now being offered as a specialty service of Tapestry Communications, a RI based full service public relations and marketing company, based in Cranston, RI.  “Today, social communication platforms have revolutionized how we reach people with our messages – how we raise money – how we sell tickets – and how we create ‘buzz’.  We are on Facebook, and LinkedIn, and Twitter.  We blog.  We text.  Often in real time!  We “check in” when we arrive, we “chat” when we are there, and we “post” about where we were, what we did – AND – what we thought about it all,” said Nancy Thomas, president of Tapestry Communications.

Tweeting has become a staple of a coordinated public relations and marketing program – from healthcare organizations to nonprofits; from theater groups to business to political campaigns, reaching people more rapidly than Facebook.  Once a fascination of the under 30 crowd, today, people of all ages are staying in touch, checking in, and tweeting from work, at events, on vacation, from home.  Often, an unusual photo will accompany the abbreviated message, or a shortened link to find more info, if needed.

Tweeting is particularly useful for the client with a special event or issue.  “I first saw the great potential, especially in a state as small as Rhode Island, when I was following several reporters who were tweeting from a Rhode Island Foundation summit on RI’s future – I felt like I was there.  Or, I felt like I should have been there.”  Thomas said, “there’s great value in having your audience think they missed something and don’t want to miss it again.”

Providence Performing Arts recently offered Tweet Seats to about a dozen volunteers who were chosen for their rich content of followers, not necessarily numbers of followers of their Twitter account. They received a press kit and a free ticket, and sat in the back row, lowering their screen brightness and turning their sound off.  They logged into a protected wireless (normally PPAC attendees cannot get an internet signal inside the theater).  Tweeting first at the production of Memphis, and later at two other productions, including Million Dollar Quartet, the volunteers created a buzz before, during and after the production.  Thomas, who was one of the Tweet Seaters, said “we were joined by an understudy who tweeted from backstage. Armed with freedom of thumb, the tweeting frenzy even “trended”, an analytic measurement Twitter uses to gauge a collective mass, or a Twitter ‘happening’!  The story was picked up by the Associated Press and had national coverage in newspapers across the country, making it into the valuable AP’s “10 Things You Need To Know Today” feature.”

A sample of Tweeting Butler Services:

  1. Tweeting Personal – we tweet – for you, using your Twitter ID – documenting your experience & commentary
  2. Tweeting Social/Tweeting Cultural – Butlers will be chosen who match the style of your event – jazz enthusiasts for a jazz concert, theater types for a theatrical performance – use 1 or as many as 10 personally chosen and trained to create a special buzz for your event.
  3. Tweeting Events – for your fundraising events – perfect for Walks and large outdoor events, Galas, etc. – we create your case for support in a tweeting kind of way!
  4. Tweeting White Glove – from your wedding or elegant event, when discretion, maturity and decorum is a must!
  5. Tweeting Advocates – we advocate for causes and issues where gaining positive public opinion is integral – perfect for informational demonstrations, legislative hearings, political campaigns.
  6. Tweeting Anytime – let us manage your Twitter account, keeping a steady flow of relevant content, populating new followers, re-tweeting, etc. (can also tie in with Facebook).

Nancy Thomas, president of Tapestry Communications, said, “we take a mature approach to getting to know the client, selecting and training people appropriate to the event.  We develop a Hashtag, which helps people follow the topic, add to it, and retweet.  We also offer “white label” service, appropriate for subcontract work or if the client uses Tweeting Butler in a consultant role.  If the client is a regular Tapestry Communications client, we take great time to multiplatform our messages and develop them into appropriate Facebook entries, blogs, and other uses.

Discounts are offered to nonprofit organizations and fees are quoted individually. TWEETING BUTLER is a specialty service of TAPESTRY COMMUNICATIONS, a marketing and public relations company, which also offers social platform development.  Tweeting can be coordinated with Facebook and Instagram services.  Photos taken during assignments are provided to the client for multiple platform use at no charge.  For more information, go, @TweetingButler, or call 401-447-8182.  For information on Tapestry Communications’ services, go to or @TapestryCommun.

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