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Over the past couple of years, we at Hub Digital have been cultivating some relationships with other complimentary business owners that we’ve met in our travels (it’s one of the biggest benefits of working in a co-working space!). One that I’ve found to have been of great value to both me and my clients has been a special partnership formed with Tuni Schartner, of TRS Strategies and TS Consulting.

With years of entrepreneurship and business consulting under her belt, Tuni has honed the best practices for business owners and is committed to sharing those tips and tricks. Through my client work, I’ve found that many times, their needs extend beyond the computer. While they may come to me needing help with social media, blogging or website development, through the process they’ve realized they need a little something extra. As they streamline and perfect their digital presence, they find they need help with a variety of things including business strategy, integrated marketing, event planning and promotions and even grassroots marketing. Enter Tuni Schartner.

Today we’ve asked Tuni to tell us a little bit about herself and her company and to give us the “why” behind the importance of having an integrated marketing strategy that extends beyond the digital environment:

I have an authentic interest in business, social psychology and history and I truly like people so helping businesses grow is a very natural fit for me.  I’m not ashamed to say that at 48 and having been an entrepreneur, or entrepreneur in training, since around age 10…I’m a little bit obsessed with what I do.  I am deeply committed to education and growth myself – on a daily basis – and love to put all that I learn into practice.  I refer to myself often as ‘a professional spaghetti thrower’…I am in a constant state, for my own business(es) and for my client projects, of throwing spaghetti against the wall and quantifying what is sticking, what isn’t, what to shelf, trash or invest more time, money and energy into!

Business development and/or marketing – no matter what your industry – is changing at the speed of light.  All the rules are in a constant state of change.  Staying on top of all that change is fun for people like Amy and I.  I love working with Amy/Hub Digital and find that her millennial mind and skill set coupled with her education and experience continues to be the perfect compliment to mine.  Our clients are continuing to reap the rewards of our partnership and we’re continuing to develop new service offerings and programs, such as a series of ‘short’ and extremely affordable online classes that we will begin to launch (two at a time) quarterly starting in September!

In order for companies to grow they really need to take a holistic, and objective, approach to looking at their business – identifying their ‘why’ (as per Simon Sinek’s TED Talk – we often know what you do, how you do it,  but not ‘why’ you do it), clearly identify their differentiator(s) and unique value propositions then create short and long term growth objectives.  We work closely with each client to help them work through this process, as well as clearly defining who their audience is then we create integrated marketing strategies with clear short and long term growth objectives.

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