Smart Money Tour is Back!

Last year, Treasury’s Smart Money Tour provided Rhode Islanders with a convenient opportunity to learn about the ways my office can help people find and save money. The Smart Money Team visited over 20 locations across Rhode Island in an effort to increase outreach and further educate community members about Treasury’s Unclaimed Property and Empower RI initiatives.

This year, the Smart Money Tour will continue with even more stops across the state.

My team and I are dedicated to providing Rhode Islanders with transparent and easy-to-access information about our work. The Smart Money Tour has proven to be an innovative way to reach out to local communities and ensure that all questions are answered.

We will continue to provide information about how people can take charge of their finances through our Empower RI initiative. This initiative is aimed at helping Rhode Islanders acquire the tools they need to become financially empowered. The various components of Empower RI include Earned Income Tax Credit Program & Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, Financial Coaching Corps, Collegeboundfund®,EverFi, and Payday Lending Reform.

The Smart Money team will assist attendees on-site as they search for unclaimed property online and will also show them how to access the state’s financial reports, investment performance and other related data.

Treasury’s team will also work to raise awareness about the ways in which Rhode Island’s Crime Victims Compensation Fund can provide financial assistance to those impacted by violent crime.

An increased awareness of Treasury’s many different services will ensure the community will have the knowledge needed to take advantage of the programs and initiatives at the core of Treasury’s work.

This year the Smart Money Tour will be accepting requests from community groups for a Smart Money stop at their location or event. To request a Smart Money stop visit

Treasury is committed to finding ways to move Rhode Island forward. The work we do is aimed at encouraging financial empowerment so that we may strengthen our state’s economy one person at a time. The Smart Money Tour gives the Treasury office the opportunity to come directly to our constituents to ensure their questions are answered and needs are met.

I hope you will take the time to visit the Smart Money Team at one of their stops to learn more about how Treasury’s services can help you and take charge of your financial life.

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