Reaching Out Through the Airwaves

Host Your Own Radio Talk Show to Promote, Educate and Network

In today’s many options for consumers it’s important to find ways customized and unique ways to market yourself . Hosting your own radio talk show can offer you just that. Costs for programs on range depending on the market and typically include production, air time and show promos.


Promote yourself

There are major benefits to having your own radio/internet talk show. You control the content and topics on your own program.  The audience hears your perspective, knowledge base, the way you handle questions as well as your passion for your business. Remember that your listeners and their network of friends are potential customers and clients. This is more than surface marketing. It gives your audience the opportunity to really get to know you.

Market your business

There are several marketing advantages to hosting your own radio show. The first is that you produce a tangible product, which is the podcast. The second is that you can post the the announcements on facebook, twitter and in your on-line marketing pieces. And third, you can create your own UTube page, post the picture of the guest or topic and the interview. In addition, you can create a short video explaining your work and post it on your Utube channel as an introduction to the interviews. 

Educate your customers/clients
Having your own show gives you the opportunity to educate your listeners with accurate information from your expertise  and experience. With social media and the internet, consumers have the instant resources to be very informed and many are. However, they might not be getting the right information and what they are getting may not meet their needs.
Network with your peers
Having your own program provides a great networking tool for you. Through the program, you develop contacts with leaders in the field and learn about their perspective. It also keeps you informed of new ways to offer your product or service. You gain another point of view which adds to your own knowledge base.

Choose the right option:

Local talk stations may have some opportunities to host a one hour programs. With online streaming now mainstream, your program has both a regional and global reach. On terrestrial (broadcast) radio, station clocks need to be adhered to and commercials are included which decrease your actual air time.


Internet audio programs have a global reach and opportunities are plentiful. Interviews are done by phone and in many cases from your office directly onto the air. On internet radio, you own and control the entire hour and can place commercials and interviews where you want them to be.

In addition, video streaming is now available on some internet radio networks where you can videotape your interview and upload it to air on the internet station.

Work with an Executive Producer or Coach

Having a radio program is a time consuming project. A producer can help you to  deliver  a solid professional show. Good producers are excited about your program and share your beliefs. They have the skills to help you set up the framework of your program, create scripts and promos, give you guest leads, schedule guests, offering marketing suggestions and critique your interviewing style. Coaches are another option to coach you on style and techniques.

Featured Guest Option

This is another option for those who want get their message across without the time and effort required to host a show. You can work with a host to be a guest on weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis and plan the topics you want to cover. The host becomes your advocate and works to help you deliver your message effectively while trying to attract listener interest and meet listener needs.

Having your own talk show or being a featured guest on a radio show can be exciting rewarding and fun but it requires time and the right resources.

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