Providence Company plays role in next week’s Presidential Inaugural activities

A Perfect Print  – a Made in USA business – manufactures thousands of lanyards for upcoming event

PROVIDENCE, RI – While the nation’s Chief Executive may not know this, a two-year old Providence-based company is playing a minor – if not visible – role in next week’s inaugural activities.  A Perfect Print, housed in the Huntington Industrial Park, has spent many hours cranking out 2,500-plus specially-designed and printed lanyards to hold the credentials of the lucky attendees to the upcoming inauguration of the 44th President of the United States.

The company is privately owned by out-of-state investors and General Manager Lisa Scittarelli, who has more than 20 years experience in the printing industry, manages an experienced and quickly growing staff, to produce custom-printed fabrics for this and many high-profile industries and events.

“This was not the first time but it’s so exciting. …especially when you see it on television.  We are extremely proud of our team and to be producing these out of Providence,” Scittarelli said. 

As a ‘preferred vendor’ of narrow fabric products, she has made everything from luggage straps and belts and suspenders, to ribbons, lanyards, pet leashes and collars, shoelaces and components for duffle bags and recyclable shopping bags.  And while she does not sell directly to end users, her suppliers and manufacturers work with the likes of the National Football League, National Hockey League, Dell and Microsoft, television and music and media, ESPN, Major League Baseball, National Basketball League and NCAA’s.

She has also manufactured products used at the Republican National Convention, the Academy Awards and the Grammy’s.   Scittarelli has a list of more than 100 suppliers and manufacturers who work with event planners and distributors around the country, and who rely on her for her products.  Her company includes graphic designers, customer service employees, machine operators, full assembly and production crews working one – and often –two shifts a day.  If they are fortunate enough to be tapped for the Superbowl, she said she’ll run three shifts a day.

A Perfect Print is quickly gaining a reputation of excellence, and is outgrowing its current staffing size:  Scittarelli has 30 full-time workers, 10 independent sales people in the United States and another four in Canada; she is currently accepting applications for an additional 10 workers.

For more information call 401.347.2370.



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