Ocean State Small Business Expo Event Schedule

11:15am – James Bennett “Economic Development Activity”

A general overview of activity in Providence with the new Director of Economic Development, and the exciting new business developments within the downtown and Knowledge District.


12:00pm – Robert Beadle “7 Secrets on Overnight Success Stories: How to Get your Business Featured in the News”

Are you a small business owner who is struggling to find customers? Have you tried to get you business featured in the news, but you are always being rejected or ignored by reporters? Do you want your business to become famous, but don’t have the million dollar advertising budget to do it? If so, you are goin to love what we are going to share with you.


1:00pm – Elisabeth “Betty” Galligan “Social Media Marketing for Business

If you’ve ever wondered how to use social media to effectively market your business, this seminar is for you.


2:00pm – Corissa St. Laurent “Engagement Marketing: Building relationships to build your business”

Learn how to inspire, inform, and create long-term meaningful connections with engagement marketing. We will discuss three key elements to building lasting engagements and help you succeed at marketing your business in today’s high-tech, online world.


3:00pm – Corissa St. Laurent “Power of Email Marketing: Staying top-of-mind through the inbox”

Master email communications with this comprehensive look at best practices and winning strategies for getting and keeping quality subscribers, increasing deliverability and open rates, writing good headlines and content, saving time, getting readers to take action, and more.


4:00pm – Darren Marinelli “Thumbability: Making Your Business Mobile Friendly”

With the amazing popularity of mobile phone devices, business cannot afford to overlook the impact of mobile marketing techniques and strategies. We will explore these techniques and strategies in an open forum session.


5:00pm – Gil Lantini “From Employee to Entrepreneur

This seminar is for attendees that are considering making the transition from full time employment or unemployment to becoming their own boss. This presentation will help with both a personal and business assessment as well as provide many steps necessary to prepare and build your first company.

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