MojoTech – Highlight on Small Businesses That Utilize HealthSource RI SHOP

MojoTech is a software development and design agency that partners with clients to deliver software that solves their most complex business problems. Since its launch in February of 2008, MojoTech has produced over 100 projects. For a small business in Rhode Island, MojoTech grew fast and wide; they currently employ 47 employees – 32 in Providence, Rhode Island; 10 in Boulder, Colorado; one in each New York City, New York, and Washington, DC; and three employees who work remotely.

Working with HealthSource RI for Employers offered MojoTech flexibility they never had before using the Full Choice program. With this program, employees have a baseline to select whichever plan is best for them. MojoTech’s team has selected 13 different plans, ranging from one of the lowest premiums up to the highest platinum plan offered. Employees have expressed they like the choice because it allowed them to upgrade to a plan that saved money in the long-run, while others say the choice made it possible to enroll in a plan with lower premiums. “There is no way we’d be able to offer such a diverse menu to our team on our own,” says Jacob Brier, director of operations at MojoTech.

Also, by working with HealthSource RI For Employers, MojoTech’s employees can benefit from their expertise to deliver better service and more information. This gives the MojoTech team the chance to speak privately about healthcare decisions, which often includes personal medical and financial information. Having an expert for their team to work with makes it easy to get questions answered, and in a timely matter.

MojoTech covers 100% of the cost for an individual plan, but increasing premium costs were making that unsustainable. They wanted to provide options for their team, particularly team members who had enrolled dependents. Their broker, Jeffrey Brier, of Brier & Brier, knew of MojoTech’s desire to control costs without making its employees pay significantly more for health insurance. Brier then advised they meet with the HealthSource RI for Employers team, and now a year later, MojoTech feels it was clearly the right move for them.

“The combination of customer service and product offering pairs excellent with excellent,” says Jacob, “Working with them has improved my ability to manage our health benefits, it’s helped us control costs, and it’s provided a great benefit to our team.”

For more information on HealthSource RI for Employers:
Visit the newly re-designed website that includes resources for the program with detailed Q&A’s. HSRI has also launched an interactive media component on Facebook for employers and brokers- HealthSource RI for Employers, which highlights Rhode Island businesses utilizing the program, their success stories and other important happenings.

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