M&M Disposal – Highlight on Small Businesses That Utilize HealthSource RI SHOP

M & M Disposal combines Frank and Paul Macera, two 4th generation trash haulers, who bring fifty years of combined experience to the industry. After their father sold the previous company, Frank and Paul started M & M Disposal in 1999, with one truck and f ve dumpsters. In the last 17 years, they’ve grown and now have 12 trucks, servicing over 1000 containers each week. They can haul away anything except for hazardous waste, and offer full service disposal from residential and commercial containers, small demolition jobs, and provide municipal service to the Town of Warren.

The healthcare coverage they had previously was a “one-size f ts all” type of plan. If any of their 11 employees wanted healthcare, that was their one option. However, many of the younger employees didn’t need all the benefits of that plan and couldn’t afford it. Today, HealthSource RI for Employers allows their employees more control over health insurance plans, with personal and affordable options to f t theirs and their family’s needs.

However, this transition came with a set of challenges, for both business and personal reasons. “It was a rocky start for me,” says Frank Macera, “I had always been the administrator over all aspects and choices made for the company. I’m not used to handing control over to others … but I became pretty comfortable working with HealthSource RI for Employers.”

For M & M, they must comply with federal, state, and local regulations; because of this, Frank can’t spend much of his time choosing healthcare options for his employees. “The trucking industry is brutal… [HealthSource RI for Employers] frees me up to concentrate on other aspects of running the business.”

Although M & M employees were initially suspicious of the change to HealthSource RI for Employers, they changed their perspective after being educated by Broker Jim Pinheiro and Business Engagement Spet Shoua Kue about the benefits and choices that were now available. While it took some time for employees of M & M to adapt, it’s now working very well. Employees can – and have – made changes to their plans that better suit their needs. While Frank was initially hesitant to work with HealthSource RI for Employers, he did his research and discovered it was the right f t. “As you know, it’s not easy being in business in Rhode Island… HealthSource RI for Employers can help make things just a little bit easier!”

For more information on HealthSource RI for Employers:
Visit the newly re-designed website that includes resources for the program with detailed Q&A’s. HSRI has also launched an interactive media component on Facebook for employers and brokers- HealthSource RI for Employers, which highlights Rhode Island businesses utilizing the program, their success stories and other important happenings.

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