Jim Ryan | CEO| and Peter Rothschild | Co-Founder and CTO | Heuresis Corporation

Heuresis is a high-tech startup up in the Boston area, founded in November 2013 by Peter Rothschild and Hal Grodzins. The company mission is to design and manufacture the world’s most advanced hand-held x-ray instruments for the environmental and security markets. Heuresis released its first instrument almost three years ago. The PB200i is an x-ray based handheld paint analyzer, which can measure the lead content in paint in just a few seconds, allowing the user to determine whether the paint is above or below the level set by the EPA to safeguard children from lead poisoning. This product won the prestigious Advanced Manufacturing award in 2016 from the Advance Australia organization. The second Heuresis product, the HBI-120, is the world’s first handheld “x-ray flashlight” which can
easily image through the steel panels of a vehicle, allowing customs and security personnel to detect a wide range of illegal contraband. After its first year of release, this product is already being extensively used for narcotics interdiction in the United States by numerous law enforcement agencies, resulting in many seizures of smuggled drugs and currency. The HBI-120 contains many high-tech features, including a 120,000 volt x-ray tube, a powerful quad-core processor, and communication capabilities including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It also contains an optical camera and GPS capability, allowing the system to automatically create complete reports containing x-ray images, optical images, and critical location and time stamp data, which can be emailed directly from the instrument. Heuresis recently received a multi-year R&D award from the Science & Technology Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security to develop the next-generation handheld instrument to be used by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents. This system will have the ability to image through thicker steel and to scan larger objects, such as shipping containers. Heuresis intends to stay on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, creating advanced x-ray instruments that will make the world a safer and healthier place.

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