How to Spread Your Social Eggs for Small Business

As a small business owner you don’t have a lot of dollars to spend promoting yourself online. How can you take advantage of the free tools out there available to you?

I had written a piece for my InspireToThrive blog recently about having all your social eggs over in the Facebook basket.  Facebook is a place you need to be; but you do not need to spend all your time there.

There are other effective ways to be found online through:

Blogging – Blogging through Blogger or WordPress. This is really a must for any online company. A blog post of at least one posting per week about the business, or what matters most to your customers is a must. You can set up a simple blog or more complex with Word Press plug-ins and self-hosted sites. Your own URL is a plus. You can register with GoDaddy or other web hosting companies.

Twitter – My favorite place for business to meet new people and generate leads. You can then take these leads over to your other social baskets. It’s also a great way to meet people personally.

Stumble Upon – Great way to get visits to your website and increasing your SEO. This social network does take some time to get to know and understand.

LinkedIn – Great place to connect with those you already know and ask for connections to those you’d like to know. You can also join groups there and post things on their wall.

There are also tools to monitor your own business name or personal name – One of them is called Social Mention. You can set up an alert just like a Google Alert. Social Mention tracks all the social networks.  A Google Alert is a way to see what is being said via news website, blogs, etc.

Another great tool is Google Insights. – This is a good one when you are blogging for putting in labels. That’s how the search engines will find you when someone is searching a topic. If you just want to reach people in USA make sure you select that in the Google Insights and not worldwide. I would also recommend using the last 12 months of data vs. all time.

So try each out one at time and I recommend Twitter first if you are not over there already.


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