How Can I Maximize My Multimedia Outlets? Find out With Newport Interactive Marketers

NEWPORT, R.I. – Video and podcasting are keys to improved online engagement. YouTube is the number two search engine, and video results in Google are more likely to be clicked. But how can you create multimedia content that’s suitable for your brand and your budget? Learn how to create a multimedia platform that is more exciting and appealing at this month’s Newport Interactive Marketers (NIM) gathering on Thursday, January 24st from 6 to 9 p.m. at La Forge Restaurant in Newport, Rhode Island. Admission is free. Online registration requested.

How can I create a multimedia production from scratch? How can I bring alive my website and help boost SEO by turning boring text into exciting multimedia? This presentation is for you.

Join NIM as broadcast expert Donna Mac explains the importance of multimedia in today’s world of marketing.  Learn why and how customers are more responsive to audio and visual content, and most importantly find out how you can begin to implement a multimedia platform of your own.

Speaker Donna Mac has had a successful career as a news producer and editor, radio personality, and since 2003, the owner and founder of DMacVoice & Media.  Mac coaches clients of DMacVoice & Media who learn to create high quality multimedia projects. She has produced many projects that promote businesses as well as educate audiences and is dedicated to relaying just how crucial it is to be multimedia smart in today’s business economy.

Multimedia attracts new audiences and can boost SEO in ways that text cannot. Join NIM to learn just how simple it can be to produce your own multimedia project and increase traffic to your business. Find out what channels work best, such as podcasts and videos. Also, learn how record and upload your content online and share online it to boost SEO. Mac will guide you through each step of the production process, explaining what you will need to do to prepare for your production and how to keep your content authentic and relevant. Mac also specializes is improving presentation skills and will share tips to relieve speaking anxiety and help you to overcome any fear you may have of speaking in front of a camera. So whether you’re camera shy or scared of technology, this NIM talk will ease your way through your fears and uncover just how simple it can be to create multimedia of your own.

Join us this month and learn do-it-yourself techniques that are simple and cost effective that will turn traditional marketing into exciting and interactive media. With better SEO results and a more attention-drawing platform, you’ll be one step ahead in appealing to today’s trending media market.

Newport Interactive Marketers is sponsored by Designated Editor: Content and Social Media Strategy

Calendar Listing

What:               Maximize Your Multimedia Outlets with Newport Interactive Marketers

When:              Thursday, January 24, 2013. 6 p.m. Network with NIM, 7 p.m. Presentation

Where:             La Forge Restaurant, 186 Bellevue Ave Newport, RI 02840

Who:                Marketers, business owners, graphic designers, SEO experts, PR pros, and more

Cost:                Free



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