Hire better with Back Pocket Resources!

Back Pocket Resources is pleased to announce the redesign of its service offerings to better serve small business leaders as their companies grow. Based on numerous conversations with business leaders, we have developed a framework for better hiring with new workshops and training programs in addition to our consulting services.

We believe that there are people behind every business’s success and teach our clients our comprehensive holistic approach to productive hiring. Getting the right people is easily one of the biggest challenges that businesses face, and 99% of people have a horror story of working with the wrong person and know what a negative impact that can have. Hiring a new employee is a sign of growth, and should be cause for celebration, but inefficient and outdated practices can make the process unpleasant for everyone involved. There is a better way, and Back Pocket Resources is ready to help your company learn it.

At Back Pocket Resources, we believe hiring is broken. Our belief is based on almost two decades of staffing and recruiting experience working with some of the biggest brands in the world. Nobody can deny that hiring is the most important thing that a business has to do. The growth and success of the company is tied directly to having the right people in the room.

Hiring is not just about writing a job description and interviewing, but in preparing the path for new employees to be successful. You can hire the perfect person into the wrong team or environment and they will never become productive. We help business leaders stop the frustration of wasting time and money on bad and outdated hiring practices. Instead, we directly impact the bottom line by providing the resources to improve the team’s effectiveness, through improved employee engagement, experience, and retention.

Hire better with Back Pocket Resources!

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