Hasbro-a-thon: Playing with Innovation

PAWTUCKET, RI – It’s only natural for Hasbro, makers of Furbie, to host a hackathon competition to build the next breakthrough invention in the digital-physical space. The event, called the Hasbro-a-thon, will take place on August 17-18th, 2013 at Hasbro, Inc. headquarters in Pawtucket, R.I.

The Hasbroathon is a first of it’s kind toy hack. The event will bring together a fusion of gaming developers and influential thought leaders, who will mentor and judge projects. It takes one mind to generate a great idea but it takes a team of highly skilled hackers and 24 hours of dedication to execute a hack or prototype. This is where, the Hasbro-a-thon will provide the perfect place to turn your idea into the next big thing, possibly the next Furbie or Digimon. And what better place then the epicenter of the toys creation.

A hackathon is a competition for web developers and entrepreneurs, where they can learn developer tools, meet new friends, and win prizes and mentorship for their startup ideas. A Hasbro hackathon is not a hackathon without a plethora of toys and prize giveaways including; Neff guns, remote control cars and helicopters, masks, board games and more.

To learn more about the event, to signup as a hacker or partner go to: http://www.hasbroathon.com/


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