Filling in a swimming pool?

Swimming Pools & Real Estate Values – a very popular discussion.

Whether you already own a home with a pool, that maybe has gone from being a staple of your family culture to an eyesore that brings you stress every time you look at the back yard, or you’re a potential buyer and you love the home but that in-ground pool is at the top of your ‘cons’ list – we thought we’d share some tips on how to get rid of it the right way!

A visual tutorial on what we think the best way to fill in a pool is:

-haul away (all) the concrete, then;

-install gravel in compacted lifts, and…

…that’s how we do it, no sinks holes.  EVER.


Grenco pool

Grenco - pool #1

Grenco pool #2


Pools can be a great source of family fun and exercise but they can also be a great source of stress.  We’ve been lucky enough to take part on both sides of the ‘pool’ debate – helping clients install and create their dream oasis whether it meant removing their greatest source of stress and creating a lush landscape or excavating and installing their dream pool area!

Happy Summer!

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