Elorza Campaign Calls on Board of Elections to Investigate Possible Ballot Tampering, Increase Monitoring of Voter Fraud

PROVIDENCE, RI – Jorge Elorza’s campaign today called on the state Board of Elections to investigate possible ballot tampering by Vincent Cianci’s campaign and to increase monitoring of voter fraud in the Providence mayoral race.

The Elorza campaign also called on the Cianci campaign to admit or deny that their organization or any endorsing or affiliated organizations have pressured residents of the homeless shelter Crossroads to vote for Mr. Cianci via mail ballot, and to publicly disavow from any fraudulent activities.

Elorza spokesman David Ortiz asked the Cianci campaign: “Given your previous campaign history of mail ballot tampering and voter fraud, can you assure Providence voters that there are no unlawful activities occurring from people associated with your campaign this time? If so, what is the oversight involved?”

History of Cianci Campaign Voter Fraud:


Cianci beats Darigan amid charges of mail ballot abuse by Cianci supporters that are later documented by a three-month Journal-Bulletin investigation. Abuses were so widespread, and Cianci’s 1,074-vote margin of victory so narrow, that the outcome of the election could have been affected, the investigation shows.


In September, Peter J. Bauer, who worked in Cianci’s reelection campaign, is indicted by a statewide grand jury on seven charges, including mail-ballot fraud. He later pleads no contest to two charges; others are dropped.

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