Credit Problems not a Home Ownership Deal Breaker. Pre-Property Solutions Revives Home Ownership Dreams.

NEWPORT, RI – “I really didn’t think I could buy a home,” is a common chorus of many home seekers with credit problems.  According to USA Today, 77 million Americans with debit in collections owe an average of $5,200 which includes credit card bills, child support, medical bills, utility bills, parking tickets or membership fees.

Chris Prefontaine, Managing Director of Pre-Property Solutions and a 24 year veteran in the real estate industry, notes, “The bad credit as a home purchase deal killer is a dangerous myth.  It can keep good people who have run into a bump in the road from having hope and from working to turn their financial situation around.  The truth is that most people can clean up their credit over time and qualify for a conventional mortgage.  We see it every day.”

Pre-Property Solutions starts by connecting bankrupt buyers to a third party credit repair consultant who works with the buyer to repair their credit situation.  Typically, the buyer is able to qualify for a conventional mortgage within 9 months to 5 years.

In addition, Pre-Property Solutions offers an alternative “rent to own” program. The enhanced program helps home seekers with poor credit, no credit and/or a limited amount to invest.  The “rent to own” program is straight-forward. The buyer works with Pre-Property Solutions to determine the best down payment up front and over time.

During the credit repair process, depending upon the property, sometimes a portion of the monthly lease payment is credited to the purchase. If not, a Down Payment Assistance Program (DPA) is available to further assist the buyer. The DPAP outlines that the Lessee/Optionee has the right to put down additional funds towards their down payment and receive credit against the purchase price.

The rent to own program hinges on the fact that Pre-Property Solutions is a private real estate investor who buys and sells houses. All properties are either owned by Pre Holdings or the company has a purchase contract and/or option with the owner of the property, which Pre Holdings may assign to third parties or retains. Pre Holdings is not a real estate brokerage and does not provide realtor services to the public, or to any of the parties to which it has contractual relationships.

Pre-Property Solutions in some instances even pays cash for the home and can close in about a week if that best suits all parties.  The goal is to create a win-win purchase that is good for everyone.

Pre-Property Solutions are not loan brokers, bankers, real estate agents or selling homes for someone else.  The company are the owners or have a legal equitable interest in the property.

Pre-Property Solutions donates $100 of every home sale to the Franciscan Hospital for Children in Boston in the name of Nick Prefontaine, the son of Chris Prefontaine, who continues to benefit from their great work and who works in the business with Chris.

Pre-Property Solutions are members of the Newport County Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau.  The company maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

​Pre-Property Solutions maintains two offices, one at 580 Thames Street, Newport, RI and another at 360 Church Street, Suite 230, Northborough​, MA.

For more information about the Pre-Property Solutions and the “Rent to Own” program, call 855 667 7336 or visit

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