Cindy Burke, Esq., Burke Law Group LLC

Cindy BurkeBurke Law Group, LLC. was created by Robert J. Burke II and Cindy Burke to provide legal assistance to the Hispanic community. “The focus of the company is Immigration Law, but we have found so many other aspects of law we can assist with, that we never turn anyone away from at least an initial consultation on any legal issues,” said Cindy. “Our belief is that the client works just as hard as we do for their money, and we charge fees that are sometimes 70-percent lower than most Immigration attorneys in our area.”

Cindy warmly welcomes people who are sometimes turned away from legal assistance, and this has garnered much respect in the community for her firm. Her goal is to make a difference in the community and she in fact does this on a daily basis, “We have become an integral part of the community, and very quickly everyone has learned who we are. The best part of offering my services to Central Falls is the fact that my parents have owned a night club there for over 28 years, and when they see me they ask if I am their daughter,” said Cindy. “I’m always proud to say I am, and the community knows we are trustworthy.”

Their firm is set apart by honesty, placing their clients’ needs in the forefront of their business policies. Cindy has received both a Mayor’s Citation from the City of Central Falls and certificates of congressional recognition for the outstanding impact she has made in the lives of people in Rhode Island.

Cindy most notably is a representative of those who are unable to advocate for themselves. “The work I put into building this empire is just starting, but it won’t end there. I intend on being the voice of Immigration, and the person that everyone in the Hispanic community knows,” said Cindy. Her plans are to continue to do the work that most will shy away from to make a difference in the lives of others.

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