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Direct Doctors: Innovative and Effective Primary Care

Direct Doctors is an innovative and effective Primary Care practice that has made its permanent home here in Rhode Island.  Dr.Lauren Hedde and Dr.Mark Turshen started this unique practice with one common goal…to create a direct path between the patient and the doctor.  This particular model eliminates the “middle-man” and puts the patient in immediate contact with the physician. In turn, your quality of care is  greatly improved for a variety of reasons.  First and foremost,  time spent at the practice is time spent with the doctor.  You are not sitting in the waiting room…waiting.  In fact, you will not be doing any waiting.  You simply schedule your visit, walk in the office and ring a bell.  Your doctor will actually be the first and the only person you see on your visit.  No receptionist, no nurse, just your primary care physician.   A typical visit to the doctors is comprised of a lot of waiting and little time with the doctor.  This business model allows for a longer visit with a doctor by eliminating the time spent scheduling, calling, waiting, filing out forms and the like.  Secondly, these visits are in depth, giving the doctor the opportunity to really know each patient.  This critical measure in preventative care is all too often not achieved in a “typical” primary care model.  Direct Doctors has removed the excess and made room for quality time with individual patients.  Not only can a patient spend a significant amount of time with the doctor, they will also have access to the Primary Care Doctor 24/7!  Additionally, the entire process eliminates the stress involved with scheduling and attending your appointments.  The 24/7 access to a doctor is more than peace of mind, it is also going to save unnecessary and costly trips to the ER and avoid needless worrying.  With this type of practice, one can rest assured knowing that the Primary Care physician is there when they are needed.
Have a look at how Direct Doctors maximizes time:


direct docs

This type of care is affordable by way of a monthly subscription.  The low monthly fee allows you and your family direct access to your primary care physicians.  Have a look at the subscription fees:

Monthly Subscription Fee

$10 / Child Under 21 (with a parent subscription)
$50 / 21-44 years old (or, first child without a parent subscription)
$75 / 45 – 64 years old
$100 / 65+ years old
Home Bound – pricing by location
 Expectant mothers will be overjoyed to know that the first set of newborn visits take place in the comfort of one’s own home.  This is a practice that a family or an individual can plan on growing with.  Rhode Island welcomes this fresh take on Primary Care.
Listen to a recent podcast interview with Drs. Lauren Hedde and Mark Turshen to learn more about the practice and about these two incredible doctors.

Lauren Hedde DO  and Mark Turshen MD are both accepting patients at their office in North Kingstown.  If you, like many others, feel a bit unsettled with a typical practice…this direct care model is a perfect solution.  Both Mark and Lauren are looking to grow with their patients and families.  Being parents themselves, they understand the need to learn about families, their habits, lifestyle and their health history.  Direct Doctors has removed all the obstacles that typically occur between patients and doctors.  A direct doctor-patient relationship is the ultimate goal.  A relationship where your needs are addressed with each and every visit.  Direct Doctors is, as its name suggests…a direct path to your Primary Care Doctor. Take the worry and waiting out of primary care by opting for this direct practice model.

Dr. Mark Turshen MD and Dr. Lauren Hedde DO are accepting new patients at their Direct Doctors family practice in Wickford.  Direct Doctors is an innovative primary care practice emphasizing an improved doctor-patient relationship.  Drs. Hedde and Turshen offer 24/7 access, no waiting, same day visits, home visits, and a doctor who knows YOU well!  If you are frustrated with “fast-food,” “cookie-cutter” healthcare, Direct Doctors may be just the prescription for you. Check out the Direct Doctors difference at, email, or call 401-400-2699.

Learn more by visiting their website:

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Jackson Katz, Gender Violence Prevention Training Pioneer, to Visit Roger Williams University on Aug. 28

Anti-sexist activist Katz to examine the issue of sexual assault on college campuses in “More Than a Few Good Men: A Lecture on American Manhood and Violence Against Women”

BRISTOL, RI – As part of its continued effort to expand upon efforts to prevent sexual assaults on campus, urge bystander intervention, support survivors and create a safe learning environment for all students, Roger Williams University welcomes leading anti-sexist male activist Jackson Katz to campus this month.

Shifting the paradigm of sexual violence from an exclusively women’s concern to a “men’s issue” as well, Katz will visit campus on August 27 and 28 to present “More Than a Few Good Men: A Lecture on American Manhood and Violence Against Women.”

Katz calls upon stories and expertise from his pioneering gender violence prevention work with the U.S. Marines, professional athletes and college fraternities, to illustrate how sports culture, comedy, media depictions and more contribute to pandemic levels of gender violence. An educator, author and nationally acclaimed lecturer, Katz challenges men and women to confront these attitudes and offers solutions from his “bystander approach” to create the cultural change needed to stem violence against women.

“We invited Jackson Katz to Roger Williams University to educate our students and the greater community on gender violence and sexual assault and how we all can play a part in preventing it,” says Kathleen McMahon, associate vice president of student life at RWU. “He has a different take on the issue than others – he explores how our culture promotes a climate that is conducive to violence against women, and specifically how men have a powerful role in breaking that cycle.”

On Friday, Aug. 28, members of the University community and the general public are invited to a three-hour, interactive workshop that includes Katz’s presentation, roundtable discussions and a closing panel featuring:

·       Rhode Island Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin;

·       Lucy Rios, director of prevention and communications at the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence;

·       Ann Burke, president of the Lindsay Ann Burke Memorial Fund;

·       and higher education consultant Beth Devonshire

The event begins at 9 a.m. in the Campus Recreation Center on the University’s Bristol campus at One Old Ferry Road. It is free and open to the public – tickets are not required. For more information, call (401) 254-3042.

Author of The Macho Paradox: Why Some Men Hurt Women and How All Men Can Help and Leading Men, Presidential Campaigns and the Politics of Manhood, Katz is the co-founder of the Mentors in Violence Prevention program at Northeastern University’s Center for the Study of Sport in Society, a national effort to provide gender violence prevention training to high school, college and professional athletes. As founder of MVP Strategies, he brings his training methods to law enforcement agencies, the U.S. military, corporations and community organizations across America.

During his two-day visit to campus, Katz will also deliver his presentation to all first-year students and student athletes in a closed event.

The visit is sponsored by the Rogers Williams University President’s Office, Division of Student Life, School of Continuing Studies, School of Justice Studies, Feinstein College of Arts and Sciences, and School of Law. It is also sponsored in part by NASPA Region I, the Rhode Island Attorney General’s Office, the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the Lindsay Ann Burke Fund, Silent Witness Initiative and Day One.


Be Safe When You Swim This Summer

RLA Swim blog

With the tragic loss of three swimmers in Rhode Island waters recently, we want to remind you of the basics of water safety, especially for your children. According to the Red Cross, drowning is the second most common cause of accidental death for children aged 1 to 14. But adults can also lose their lives in the water, especially when drinking or risky behavior is involved. It takes only a few minutes to drown. Here are the most important rules to keep yourself and your family safe in the water:

Around the pool

Keep the pool and the hot tub properly fenced and secured so that children cannot access the water without an adult present. Increase safety by adding pool alarms. Remove ladders and attach safety covers to above ground and inflatable pools.

Supervise kiddie pools just as carefully as swimming pools: even a few inches of water can drown a toddler. Empty the pool after each use.

Make sure all swimmers understand the pool rules, such as no rough play or running, no alcohol use, no swimming alone, and no diving except where the pool has a specific diving area.

At the beach, lakes and rivers

Swim in lifeguard protected areas that are clearly marked for swimming. The presence of a lifeguard significantly reduces the risk of drowning.

Don’t share the water with boats and personal watercraft (including surfers), which can easily hit a swimmer.

Never dive into unknown waters, or in any shallow water. Wade in feet first until you know the bottom is safe with no rocks or other obstacles.

Have a swimming buddy. Even the most experienced swimmers can get in trouble in the water, especially in surf or a fast current. Swim with a friend and pay attention to each other’s safety.

Avoid swimming in high surf and fast currents, especially around rocks and other submerged obstacles. Be respectful of surf warnings and rip current warnings at your regular beach. (See the National Weather Service’s Rip Current Resources page for information on identifying rip currents and how to escape if you are caught in one.)

Pay attention to all conditions at the swimming area. This might include the tide, changes in the weather such as an approaching thunderstorm, obstacles or weeds in the water that can entangle a swimmer, or human activity such as boats, surfers or fishermen in the area.

All swimming activity

If a child or friend is missing, check the water first. Seconds make the difference if someone is in trouble in the water.

Keep all children under active adult supervision at all times. Don’t assume that older children can watch younger children, or that you can be close at hand but doing something else, and still notice a problem in time to prevent an emergency.

Have Coast Guard approved life vests or flotation devices for non-swimmers and those who don’t swim well, especially young children.

Consider swimming and water safety classes for yourself and your children. Although no class can guarantee 100% safety, becoming a better swimmer, and learning how to prevent and respond to water emergencies may save a life.

You can find much more information, including downloadable safety tip sheets, on the Red Cross’s Water Safety page. Be water safe so you and your family can enjoy the beach and the pool this summer.

Rob Levine & Associates specializes in Personal Injury throughout Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts, as well as Social Security Disability and Veterans Disability throughout the country. As “The Heavy Hitter” Rob Levine not only works hard on your case, but also believes in making a positive impact in the communities he serves. Through internal resources, education and volunteerism, Rob Levine & Associates strives to help prevent accidents, as well as raise awareness around the needs of our elderly and returning veterans. For more information visit, or call 401.529.1222 or toll free 800-529-1222.


The Hive RI: Art Show Open House & Blogging Done Right

Double or nothing Thursday this week…

Thursday Lunch & Learn
Business Blogging Done Right– Michaela Kennedy of Kii koncepts will reveal how business blogs, done right, will help your website rank better in search results and attract more visitors.  She will show a systematic approach to publishing content that will not only showcase your offers, but also increase leads and sales for your business.  Read more & register here!

As always, noon – 1:00 & a $5 charge (lunch is served).

ART SHOW OPEN HOUSE also this Thursday from 5:30 – 7:30 pm.  Come meet Haley Nannig, and see her amazing art work.  *For a preview of her work visit her website here .  She’s a RI native just returned home after graduating college to pursue her art career.  We are thrilled to be featuring her work in The Hive RI’s first solo Art Show.  Info for the event here. Thank you to The NK Blog for doing such a great job on this interview/article they posted about Haley and the Art Show Open House!


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