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Direct Doctors is an innovative and effective Primary Care practice that has made its permanent home here in Rhode Island.  Dr.Lauren Hedde and Dr.Mark Turshen started this unique practice with one common goal…to create a direct path between the patient and the doctor.  This particular model eliminates the “middle-man” and puts the patient in immediate contact with the physician. In turn, your quality of care is  greatly improved for a variety of reasons.  First and foremost,  time spent at the practice is time spent with the doctor.  You are not sitting in the waiting room…waiting.  In fact, you will not be doing any waiting.  You simply schedule your visit, walk in the office and ring a bell.  Your doctor will actually be the first and the only person you see on your visit.  No receptionist, no nurse, just your primary care physician.   A typical visit to the doctors is comprised of a lot of waiting and little time with the doctor.  This business model allows for a longer visit with a doctor by eliminating the time spent scheduling, calling, waiting, filing out forms and the like.  Secondly, these visits are in depth, giving the doctor the opportunity to really know each patient.  This critical measure in preventative care is all too often not achieved in a “typical” primary care model.  Direct Doctors has removed the excess and made room for quality time with individual patients.  Not only can a patient spend a significant amount of time with the doctor, they will also have access to the Primary Care Doctor 24/7!  Additionally, the entire process eliminates the stress involved with scheduling and attending your appointments.  The 24/7 access to a doctor is more than peace of mind, it is also going to save unnecessary and costly trips to the ER and avoid needless worrying.  With this type of practice, one can rest assured knowing that the Primary Care physician is there when they are needed.
Have a look at how Direct Doctors maximizes time:


direct docs

This type of care is affordable by way of a monthly subscription.  The low monthly fee allows you and your family direct access to your primary care physicians.  Have a look at the subscription fees:

Monthly Subscription Fee

$10 / Child Under 21 (with a parent subscription)
$50 / 21-44 years old (or, first child without a parent subscription)
$75 / 45 – 64 years old
$100 / 65+ years old
Home Bound – pricing by location
 Expectant mothers will be overjoyed to know that the first set of newborn visits take place in the comfort of one’s own home.  This is a practice that a family or an individual can plan on growing with.  Rhode Island welcomes this fresh take on Primary Care.
Listen to a recent podcast interview with Drs. Lauren Hedde and Mark Turshen to learn more about the practice and about these two incredible doctors.

Lauren Hedde DO  and Mark Turshen MD are both accepting patients at their office in North Kingstown.  If you, like many others, feel a bit unsettled with a typical practice…this direct care model is a perfect solution.  Both Mark and Lauren are looking to grow with their patients and families.  Being parents themselves, they understand the need to learn about families, their habits, lifestyle and their health history.  Direct Doctors has removed all the obstacles that typically occur between patients and doctors.  A direct doctor-patient relationship is the ultimate goal.  A relationship where your needs are addressed with each and every visit.  Direct Doctors is, as its name suggests…a direct path to your Primary Care Doctor. Take the worry and waiting out of primary care by opting for this direct practice model.

Dr. Mark Turshen MD and Dr. Lauren Hedde DO are accepting new patients at their Direct Doctors family practice in Wickford.  Direct Doctors is an innovative primary care practice emphasizing an improved doctor-patient relationship.  Drs. Hedde and Turshen offer 24/7 access, no waiting, same day visits, home visits, and a doctor who knows YOU well!  If you are frustrated with “fast-food,” “cookie-cutter” healthcare, Direct Doctors may be just the prescription for you. Check out the Direct Doctors difference at, email, or call 401-400-2699.

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