Car Accidents Involving Teens – Who Is Liable?

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Parental Responsibility – Teen Car Accident

Whenever a child becomes old enough to start driving, either with a licensed adult or by themselves, there is a certain amount of responsibility that parents frequently feel. Many states currently have laws that hold parents legally liable for the acts of their children, who are minors. This law applies to intentional acts made by the child but also can include accidents. Parental responsibility laws were first enacted in 1846; many state legislatures have indicated that the innocent victims should not bear the financial burden of property damage or hospital expenses as the result of another person’s negligence.

As Child Ages – Laws and Expectations

A minor is a person that is under the age of full legal responsibility, according to The age that a child legally becomes an adult varies from state to state, but a majority say that the age of 18. In Rhode Island, 18 is the age that a child legally becomes an adult and must be responsible for their actions.

Some states have passed parental liability laws for car accidents by minors. Some states require minors to have a “sponsor” to receive a driver’s license. Whenever the minor is involved in negligent or illegal behavior, the damages can be put on the shoulders of the “sponsor.” No matter if the sponsor has control of the minor or owns the vehicle or not.

Safety Tips

The main reason for these laws seems to be to have someone who has the economic means to account for any accidents or problems that may arise from a minor driving. These laws put a majority of the responsibility to the guardians, parents or sponsors to make sure the minor is completely aware and safe while on the roads.

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