Ashley Advertising Announces New Advertising Medium Involved in D.G. Yuengling & Son’s Rhode Island & Connecticut’s Market Introduction

Rhode Island – Ashley Advertising Agency, Agency of Record for D.G. Yuengling & Son, among others, has contracted with Promotion with Motion, to help reach beer consumers in large and small towns across Rhode Island and Connecticut as part of a layered approach to reaching consumers in the Yuengling Brewery’s advertising market introductions in each state.

This utilization of mobile digital billboards will help reach consumers both in media dominated markets as well as those based in cities and towns not covered sufficiently by more traditional static billboard advertising. “We expect to see a very positive impression made by this newer form of outdoor media” said Frank Gussoni, President of Ashley Advertising Agency. “The flexibility to run static images in conjunction with short video commercials, combined with the ability to ensure the ads are in the right places at the right times, when consumers will most engage with the advertising, should bolster our layered advertising efforts in both states.” Frank continued.

It is more challenging each year to break through the “noise” of the varied types of advertising to reach the right consumers at the right time and place, without having to invest a fortune to do so. We believe this Digital Mobile Vehicle will help us share Yuengling’s products attributes and message in conjunction with other traditional outdoor and media properties.

Headquartered outside Philadelphia, PA, Ashley Advertising is experienced in multiple facet advertising strategies and one of the nation’s leading mobile media agencies.



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