Volume 2, Issue 6 Featuring Swipely

As we approach the end of Summer, I am pleased to share some exciting news for the Fall. The October issue of RISBJ, themed “Women in Entrepreneurship,” will feature the 2014 Entrepreneurial Women to Watch. To date, it is estimated that there are over 8.6 million women-owned businesses in the United States, generating over $1.3 trillion in revenues and employing nearly 7.8 million people. Between 1997 and 2013, when the number of businesses in the United States increased by 41%, the number of women-owned firms increased by 59% – a rate 1½ times the national average.*

Many women entrepreneurs have been instrumental to the growth of both business and the economy in Rhode Island, and we want to recognize the women who have worked so hard to change the landscape for small businesses. We are currently accepting nominations for the awards, so please visit www.risbj.com to submit a nomination. Our selection committee will select 7 leading women entrepreneurs who will be honored at a cocktail reception at the Dorrance in late October. Stay tuned for more details!

I am also pleased to share that RISBJ is expanding! After months of discussions with local business owners and leaders throughout the region, we have decided to launch into the neighboring towns of Massachusetts. The soon-to-be released Massachusetts Small Business Journal (MASBJ) will focus on Southeastern Massachusetts, primarily in the Bristol County area, in addition to a few surrounding towns. MASBJ will initially launch online in September of 2013, and the first printed issue of the monthly magazine will hit stands in January of 2014.

Just like RISBJ, MASBJ will exclusively feature content from business owners that are part of the local community. We feel it’s extremely important for our content to come from experts in their field that have had entrepreneurial success in the markets we serve. This creates the quality, relevant, community-driven content our readers have come to expect. Over 10,000 printed copies of MASBJ will be distributed to an estimated 400 locations throughout the region at locations such as the Chambers of Commerce, local supermarkets and banks, as well as through direct mail.

With your support, we have made a positive impact on Rhode Island’s small business community ever since our inception 18 months ago. We plan to continue making a positive impact through MASBJ, where we will build upon our mission to provide guidance and resources to entrepreneurs, in addition to much needed exposure for startups and other local businesses.

Not only are we excited to provide inclusive access to the resources small businesses in Southeastern Massachusetts need to continue their success, but we are also looking forward to strengthening the relationship between the Rhode Island and Massachusetts business communities. By working more closely together, we will continue to see economic growth.

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