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Security Spets Launches DragonFly Security System™ for Homeowners

STAMFORD, CT, SEPTEMBER 27, 2016  Security Spets, LLC, a leading systems 
integrator and full-service solution provider of dynamic, high-performance, integrated life safety, 
electronic security, video surveillance and communications systems for commercial and 
residential clients, recently launched the DragonFly “create-your-own” security system for 
residential users. 
Combining a “smartphone app with an Ethernet-connected hub kit and a choice of internal 
and/or external MotionViewer® cameras, the DragonFly security system installs in minutes 
utilizing an existing home router. The hub can also be upgraded to accommodate Wi-Fi or 
cellular connections for more flexibility and service backup in the event of outages. 
Easy-to-follow setup instructions are provided through the DragonFly smartphone application.  
“Every family and homeowner should feel secure in their residence and have the ability to keep 
track of their loved ones and property, at a cost that won’t break the family budget,” said 
Kimberly Rescigno, Director of Sales and Marketing at Security Spets, LLC. “With the new 
DragonFly offering from our Alert Systems division, we are now able to provide cost-effective, 
high-quality, do-it-yourself video surveillance products with professional central station 
monitoring to all residential users, regardless of who they are or what their financial status is, as 
long as they have a smartphone and a home router.”  
Specifically designed to accommodate homes, dorm rooms, small offices and cabins, DragonFly 
Security System cameras mount inside or out and provide the user with the ability to set 
notification alerts, stream and view real-time video, or request snapshots of camera input. When 
a video alert shows a real threat, the user simply taps “dispatch” on their app to send the video 
to the professional monitoring station for dispatch to the police and first responders. Users opting 
for the Premium monitoring plan get videoverified alarms sent directly to the monitoring station 
for automatic action when they are unavailable. 
The DragonFly application also allows remote arming and disarming of the system, adjustment 
of camera detection sensitivity, adding users, and inviting followers to create a virtual 
neighborhood and help increase community awareness of outdoor events. Accessing and 
managing accounts can also be handled via a desktop application if the user does not have 
access to a smartphone. The DragonFly system has received endorsements from law 
enforcement and is designed to help support priority police response. The DragonFly Security 
System technology has been endorsed by the National Sheriffs’ Association. 
About Security Spets: 
Stamford-based Security Spets is a leading systems integrator and full-service solution 
provider of dynamic, high-performance, integrated life safety, electronic security, video 
surveillance and communications systems for commercial and residential clients. A pioneer in 
the development of customized security solutions utilizing best-of-breed components from 
leading world-class manufacturers, the Company has serviced the greater Tri-State area 
(Connecticut, New York, New Jersey) for over 38 years. 
Today, Security Spets provides a broad portfolio of customized intrusion, fire, environmental   
video surveillance, access control, home automation and intercom solutions, including its newly 
released DragonFly do-it-yourself security solution and the Video Doorman system for 
multi-tenant facilities. 
With hundreds of deployed solutions and over three decades of experience in fire and intrusion 
detection, video surveillance, access control and environmental monitoring, Security Spets 
continues to meet the security demands of world-class organizations such as PepsiCo Inc., 
Trane, Plaza Realty and Management, and Taro Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. For additional 
information, please visit 

Tech Collective’s STEM Career Expo Connects 125 Middle School Girls With Technology Companies

PROVIDENCE, RI – This past November, 125 middle school students and 13 educators attended the Tech Collective’s annual STEM-in-the-Middle girls’ career expo, hosted by the RI College STEM Center.
STEM-in-the-Middle aims to raise awareness and participation in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields at the middle school level. Students attended hands-on workshops throughout the day on such topics as: biotechnology, environmental science, engineering, physics, computer technology, digital media and programming, robotics, and arts. In addition, the Expo featured remarks from Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott, director of the RI Department of Health.
Expo workshops were designed and facilitated by 31 female industry professionals and faculty. Companies and organizations bringing real-world insight and experience to STEM-in-the-Middle were: Amgen, the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, NASA, the Ocean Exploration Trust at URI, Dassault Systemès Simulia Corporation, Rhode Island College, Leidtke Design, Fab Newport, Ahlers Designs, and the US Navy.
Now in its fifth year, STEM-in-the-Middle has reached a total of 520 middle school girls with support from an annual Governor’s Workforce Board Industry Partnership grant for biosciences, as well as from industry sponsors.
Read more about the Stem-in-the-Middle Expo HERE.

Chartwise Medical Systems’ Innovative Chartwise 2.0 Software Shines in Klas 2015 CDI Solutions Report

WAKEFIELD, RI– ChartWise Medical Systems, Inc. (, the industry leader in Computer-Assisted Clinical Documentation Improvement (CACDI) software, is thrilled to announce that its ChartWise 2.0 solution received exceptional provider reviews in the recently published CDI industry report from KLAS entitled, “CDI Solutions 2015: Moving Closer to Documentation Completion.”


The pioneering CACDI software provider received a near-perfect score in the Overall Satisfaction- Software category with a rating of 94.6 out of 100. Furthermore, 93 percent of ChartWise customers reported being highly satisfied with the ChartWise 2.0 tool. Customers report that the automation provided by ChartWise has dramatically improved their documentation accuracy, case mix index (CMI), and clinical documentation spet (CDS) productivity. The report also states that ChartWise’s CMI tracking has made them more aware of their CMI than ever before. According to the report, clients like the automated reporting, the format of the query process, and that the system is intuitive.


One user praised ChartWise’s software, declaring, “I have had nothing but a positive experience with ChartWise. The tool we purchased is the best fit for us and is financially within reach of our mostly community-based hospital system.”


Additionally, an HIM director reported, “Our clinical documentation spets’ productivity has increased threefold since we implemented ChartWise CDI. We get through more charts now than we ever have, and we are able to look at additional diagnoses.”


The software’s intuitive design was cited as a differentiator along with the product’s strong querying capabilities. One director of medical records said, “ChartWise CDI is very intuitive. It gives us suggestions of things to query; the system’s logic has allowed us to do things like make our severity-of-illness data more accurate. The system gives us prompts and suggestions.”


ChartWise clients also lauded the ability of the ChartWise 2.0 software to increase CMI awareness and CDS productivity. When measuring the value of the software for CDS productivity and CMI, users reported a highly positive impact, with an 8.1 and 7.9 rating out of a possible 9.0, respectively. Solid query templates, easy-to-use tools and a seamless data flow contributed to the company’s positive reviews.


“The KLAS report is considered an especially important industry indicator for the ChartWise team because of the level of input they secure from the end-users—the people who can truly validate the quality of our product,” said Dr. Jon Elion, founder and CEO of ChartWise Medical Systems. “We pride ourselves on offering an innovative product that truly supports the user with quality reporting and user-friendly functionality. The fact that ChartWise has cultivated such a strong reputation within the industry for not only the quality of our product but also the level of our service is something that we take to heart and use as fuel to continue to be a pioneer in our field.”


ChartWise received similarly high marks in last year’s iteration of the KLAS report. For additional information about the ChartWise 2.0 product, please visit
About ChartWise
ChartWise Medical Systems, Inc., based in Wakefield, RI, is a medical software firm and the developer of ChartWise 2.0, a web-based solution for Computer-Assisted Clinical Documentation Improvement.  ChartWise 2.0’s clinical intelligence expertise assists physicians and clinical documentation spets with increased efficiencies and completeness of documentation, queries and work flow.  Developed by renowned physician Jon Elion, M.D., ChartWise 2.0 is the only documentation software that translates clinical language used by physicians into accurate diagnostic language required for documentation and reimbursement. ChartWise was selected as a 2015 Red Herring Top 100 North America Winner. For more information, visit


Art League of Rhode Island celebrates Halloween with TINKER TIME with ARTISTS

RHODE ISLAND – The Art League of Rhode Island celebrates Halloween with TINKER TIME with ARTISTS on Saturday, October 31st from 1-3pm at the VETS Gallery, located at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium (The VETS), 5th floor, 83 Park Street, Providence.

The FREE event is for everyone, 7 and older.  Children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.  Tinker Time with the Artists will be a hands-on STEAM workshop (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Design, and Math).  Participants will explore physical phenomena through observing, touching, and making alongside artists and designers.  “Visualize mathematical structures.  Build a smart sculpture.  Construct a magical moving image.  Create a nature-inspired collage!”

Participating artists and designers include:  Carl Fasano, John Arden Hiigli, Amy Leidtke, Stephen Metcalf, Wanda M. Miglus, Sophia Sobers, and more.

Tinker Time with Artists is part of the ALRI’s Tangible Thinking exhibit taking place at the VETS Gallery, and is supported by the Van Liew Trust Company, Amy Leidtke, Stephen Metcalf, and the RI State Council on the Arts.

The Gallery is accessible from 83 Park Street, on the side of the auditorium, with parking in the North Side of the Providence Place Mall Garage.

Art League Rhode Island numbers among its members some of Rhode Island’s most prominent artists working in a wide range of media from painting to furniture making. Through exhibitions and educational programs, ALRI promotes artistic excellence and builds pubic awareness and appreciation for the visual arts.

For more information, contact ALRI at, or call 401-861-0500.

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