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Working Alone Together and Growing a Business Community

a Hive office

The Weekly BUZZ at The Hive RI & the Mill at Lafayette…

We have 2 offices open in The Hive!
It doesn’t happen often but we now have 2 of our coveted 4 private offices within The Hive RI available.  Unlike elsewhere throughout our lovely Mill at Lafayette, these offices are rented month to month, no deposit and no lease required…we just ask for a 30 day notice when you’re ready to move on (or up, as many tenants end up moving into larger spaces within the mill).  These offices are great if you like privacy but also like to be within a community setting.  They are $300 per month and will go quickly so if you (or someone you know) is interested, please let Tuni know

Coworking in The Hive RI:
Have you been thinking about ‘coworking’?  We only charge $100 per month and you’re welcome to come ‘test drive at The Hive’ for zero, zip, zilch for the first couple of days!  Come on by, make yourself at home and see if this might be a good fit for you!

Exercise during your work day:
We are adjacent to Ryan Park, a beautiful wooded park owned by the town of North Kingstown that features miles of walking/running trails, ponds and streams.  So many of our community members here at The Hive RI and in the Mill at Lafayette take daily advantage of this beautiful space.  We have showers available so don’t worry about working up a sweat!

The Mill at Lafayette:
Check out the rest of our amazing businesses and community members here: business directory .  Read the blogs to learn more about what’s going on in the historic (and innovative) Mill at Lafayette and if you’re interested in joining us you can see what we have for available spaces too!

Be social:
If you haven’t already, be sure to ‘like’ and visit our Fb page to keep up on the day to day musings and goings on here in The Hive RI coworking space, as well as throughout our mill and local communities!

The Weekly BUZZ…

Hive Revenue Rollercoaster

The Hive RI’s Thursday Lunch & Learn:

Join us this Thursday, noon-1:00, to learn ‘Six Steps To Getting Over The Revenue Rollercoaster with Dawn Quesnel’.

If you are a business development professional, a creative entrepreneur, small business owner, or solo-preneur and you feel like you rarely have much of a balance in your work/life, this lunch and learn is for you. Some months your revenue is up, and some months it’s down. You want more consistency from your business and you are tired of riding the revenue roller coaster. In this workshop you will learn exactly what you need to do AND how much time you need to be spending on it each week.

  • This method is proven to help you fill the pipeline 50% faster
  • Learn strategies to help you work on your highest dollar per hour value task.
  • Key insights for developing systems to keep your sales pipeline going while you sleep.

Learn more & register here.

Food Trucks

Food Truck Thursdays are still in the works but a little bumpy for the next couple of weeks!  Elwood’s Dog House will be back again this week & I heard the cheeseburgers with bacon were AWESOME. We have to wait until September 15th but we’re excited to announce Open Season Food Truck will be starting then!  Stop by the Mill at Lafayette for lunch! *They’ll be parked around back!


Have you checked out our blogs?  We have website chock full of information (including our blogs) in case you’re in the mood to peruse!

Exercise at the Mill?

Check out our Fb page for Pause at the Mill and please feel free to share.  We have classes listed as ‘events’ – take a 1/2 hour or more to just ‘pause’ and recharge your battery…*New Schedule here!


Join our Mill at Lafayette community…we are offering a really great special – sign a lease by 9/1 and get your first month’s rent FREE! Reach out to: or call Mike at 401-255-7413.  Here’s a list of available spaces open within the mill.  There’s a video on this page that shows the 3rd floor that is now ready!

Flex Office

Calling professionals (who only need an office one or two days per week)…we have one furnished flex office available starting 9/1 for $175 per month for 1-2 days per week.  If you’re interested please let us know soon.   We’re going to cap this shared office at 3 –  email:

Coworking Deal

And…don’t forget we continue to offer our awesome deal at The Hive RI – $100 monthly memberships for our coworking space – total access Monday thru Friday 9:00-5:00 & so much more!

Social Media

Don’t forget to ‘like’ us on Fb – we share information there on a daily basis!


Did you know we’re an Art Gallery? Stop by to see Cindy Wilson Photography (our photographer in residence here at the Mill) a permanent rotating show here at The Hive RI.  She is such a busy lady with shows throughout the region on a regular basis, teaching photography to individuals and classes, and traveling the world with her Profundo Journeysgroups but somehow she manages to keep our walls filled with beautiful works of art.

We recommend self guided tours anytime during regular coworking hours (Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00) and if you are interested in purchasing any artwork within our gallery – please email


The Weekly BUZZ – We Love Our Community!

We love our community here at the Mill at Lafayette!

gail hallock architect logo actual

This month’s edition of our Community Spotlight shines on superstar Gail Hallock, of Gail Hallock Architect, Inc. Gail Hallock Architect, Inc. is an architecture firm specializing in coastal residential architecture for new construction, additions, and renovations. They have over 30 years of experience under their belt and work closely with clients to make their dream home a reality!

Gail and her team have been a part of the Lafayette Mill community for a year and a half. “We truly enjoy being part of such a thriving community!” said Hallock.  Read more here!

Exercise at the Mill?

Classes have been growing & we have some fantastic practitioners!  Check out our Facebook page for ‘Pause…’ here and please feel free to share.  We have classes listed as ‘events’ – take a 1/2 hour or more to just ‘pause’ and recharge your battery with a Kettlebell class or maybe some Pilates or Yoga? Start off your week with a whole bunch of great choices from Monday Morning Meditation to (2) 1/2 hour Kettlebell classes at lunchtime (what a workout) to Monday Afternoon Sanctuary to Mondaze Yoga… *Schedule here!


Check this out… Total Exposure Networking (T.E.N.)

In lieu of our Lunch & Learn program (back August 18th) we’re hosting Richard Austin’s next T.E.N. event!  Total Exposure Networking…have you heard of it?

At most networking events you’re lucky if you get to talk to 9 or 10 people. Even then, are you delivering your message or just talking about the weather or the latest news headlines? At Total Exposure Networking (TEN), we make sure that you get to deliver your pitch to everyone in the room! Our unique TEN format consists of starting out with food, drink, and general conversation. Then, when everyone is there, we pick 5 people, and they each have one minute to give their pitch to everyone in the room. Now for the good part – we then take 10 minutes to allow anyone to talk with those who just spoke – to ask questions, learn more, and make appointments. Then we pick 5 more and do it again, and again, using the 5/10 format until everyone has had the opportunity to deliver their pitch to everyone in the room! A perfect TEN!
***Read more about this event and RSVP HERE!


If you’ve been thinking about joining our community…now is the time as we are offering a really great special – sign a lease by 9/1 and get your first month’s rent FREE! Reach out to: or call 401-255-7413.  Here’s a list of available spaces open or opening up soon within the mill.  There’s a video on this page that shows the 3rd floor that will be ready in July…wait for it!

Social Media:

Don’t forget to ‘like’ us on Facebook – we share information there on a daily basis!


Michelle Gradus Parenteau’s Soul Awakening Art Show is still up in The Hive’s space and if you missed the open house… don’t worry, she’s sold a ton and has all new pieces up – it’s like two shows in one! We recommend self-guided tours anytime during regular coworking hours (Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00) and if you are interested in purchasing any artwork within our gallery – please email

Looking for a professional space to settle in and get some serious work done?  The Hive RI and the Mill at Lafayette have very affordable options, from open coworking space(s), to individual offices of differing sizes, to a private conference room, or you can even reserve the larger space(s) for your own events, presentations or workshops! 


W2W award

Wow! To be celebrated for my community based addiction (I mean work) and to be able to celebrate amazing, strong, beautiful, brilliant, hyper-focused RI based women entrepreneurs at the same time…priceless!!!

A BIG thank you to Gail Ahlers, Ahlers Designs, for making these awards.  Gail is brilliant, beautiful inside & out, full of heart in everything she does, a TRUE community champion in every way and I’m so very honored to have this art (award/recognition) on my wall!  She came here to go to Rhode Island School of Designa little while back ;), and has been blessing this state with her entrepreneurial brilliance, energy, passion and talent ever since.  She uses recycled Narragansett Beer cans for the flowers and cultured pearls (with a story behind that choice that brings tears to the eyes every time)… every award she makes is truly a one of a kind piece of art (like a snowflake) and she lovingly takes the time to truly understand the recipient, as well as the organization giving the recognition.  We are so very lucky to live in a state that is home to such an amazing professional community, full of individuals and groups that truly support one another.   The Rhode Island Small Business Journal’s 3rd annual Entrepreneurial Women to Watch Awards celebration was yet another example of how united we all are here in our mission to be the change we wish to see, to celebrate success, and to move forward together with a positive focus.

Thankful beyond words…

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