Volume 4 Issue 11

Volume 4 Issue 12

Healthcare is a hot topic for all small business owners. We all want access to affordable care that will help to keep us healthy and be there in the event we’re not. While healthcare costs and coverage are out of our direct control, we can educate and motivate our employees to adopt health habits.

Adopting a wellness program at your business can help in a variety of ways. It could mean fewer sick days and higher productivity, as well as building an internal support system for those looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The result of a well-structured program will be happier, healthier employees who are better able to control, delay, or stop health related problems.

Here are 5 easy ways that you can start a wellness program at your business:

Lunchtime Walks

Instead of sitting at your desk all day, or gathered around the lunch room table, try heading outside the office for a 20-30 minute walk with a group of co-workers. A break from the office will help to rejuvenate your work day, while giving you more energy to finish your afternoon workload.

Team Fitness Events

Throughout the year there are various fitness related events like 5K’s Obstacle Course Races, and cycling events among others. Signing up as a work team for these events helps to build relationships with co-workers, and also will challenge you physically. It’s not only the day of the event that makes an impact, but it’s the training that goes in months in advance. Many of these events are also tied to a non-profit so there is also an opportunity to give back to an important cause, depending on the event you sign up for.

Healthy Lunch Day

This might not sound as catchy as “Taco Tuesday,” but bringing in a healthy lunch for your staff once a week or once a month is a great way to show your commitment to a healthier workplace. Try bringing in foods that others haven’t tried before to help them explore healthy lunch options. Another great way to create a discussion around the food you’re eating is to provide nutritional facts about the food to show how it benefits your health.

Gym/Class Reimbursement

The cost for a gym membership can vary greatly, from $10 per month to over $100. While most people have a preference on the type of gym they join, you can provide a maximum reimbursement to the selected gym of your employees’ choice. To make this even more beneficial, suggest that a group of co-workers join the same gym to spend some time before or after work exercising. If your employees prefer exercise classes, such as Yoga or Pilates class, you can offer a reimbursement program for that as well.

Stock the Fridge

If you have a refrigerator at work, toss all that soda and unhealthy junk food and provide weekly produce that your employees can snack on. Fruits and vegetables are a great way to get your employees eating healthy throughout the day, and it provides a great source of energy to help them remain productive.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a choice that each of us has to make individually, however as business owners we can help make that choice easier. By choosing one, or several of these options, we truly show our commitment to our employees’ health.

Gil Lantini

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