Volume 2, Issue 7 Featuring an Update on Real Estate

We all know that entrepreneurs are risk-takers, who are passionate business owners that see an opportunity and strive for success. We also know that many of us are slightly crazy, and at times may have a “tiny” issue with letting go of control. So in the midst of our daily controlled chaos, how do we find the time to accomplish all of those things that help us succeed?

The concept of teamwork is often seen in sports, with a team of athletes competing to win. In business, our team, more often referred to as our staff, helps us to achieve our goals of running a successful business. And while every business has a different definition of success, our team plays an equally important role. As the leader, we must address several key factors in building a successful work team:

Shared Vision – Does your staff know what your business stands for and what your goals are? Your team needs to understand the impact you are trying to make with your business and what the end goal is. They need to understand not only WHAT you do, but more importantly WHY you do it.

Commitment – Having a committed staff shows that they believe in your vision and will work with you through challenges you face to accomplish your goals. Without having shared vision, commitment can be difficult to find.

Flexibility – Let’s face it, in business we never know what challenges will be thrown our way. Every day we risk facing something that seems insurmountable at the time. Having a flexible team helps us to get through these challenges as they arise. The more committed your team, the more flexible they will be.

Responsibility – Does each team member know what they are responsible for? Our teams won’t be able to acknowledge failure or success if they don’t understand their responsibilities. Clearly defined roles in any organization will help to ensure that everyone knows what they can do to be successful and what they could have done better when they aren’t.

It’s been two years since we launched RISBJ, and as our team grows, I’m proud every day of the role each of our team members play. Together, we work hard to achieve the same goal each month, which is to bring the Rhode Island business community a quality product that helps provide educational resources and inspirational stories of successful companies.

We hope you enjoy this issue of RISBJ, and we look forward to bringing you our next issue which will feature the 2014 Entrepreneurial Women to Watch.


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