Use the QPN model to create win-win situations

I created the QPN Model which helps match your personal and professional qualities to the needs of your client or friend. Each letter represents a key component in the QPN Model. Q stands for qualities, which are the qualities you bring to the situation such as empathy, competence and efficiency. The P stands for purpose, which is your purpose in working with the other person or group. An example of your purpose is to help the other party create win-win situations, where everyone involved is satisfied with the outcomes. The N represents the needs of your clients in a business setting or your friends and family in a personal setting. You create a win-win situation when your P=N, your purpose is equal to your client’s need so that everyone is satisfied with the outcomes. When you also match your qualities, the Q, to their needs, the N, you and the other party can relate more easily to each other. In this situation to help them create win-win situations, the other party needs the qualities of empathy, competence and efficiency that we outlined above.

Networking is a Q, or quality and is about building relationships, and investing time and energy in dealing with people to find out what their needs are and how you can match them with yours, thus creating win-win relationships. When you create win-win situations as you network and negotiate you will find strife and confusion diminish because you are genuinely working on the other person’s behalf while honoring your own needs.

Whether you selling a product or yourself or your vision or ideas, you have to be ‘relatable,’ which is not about selling out or being phony, and it’s not about manipulation. It’s about understanding the person you’re dealing with and bringing out that aspect of yourself that they can best relate to.”

Examine the “relatable” you. You can start with honoring your innate gifts, talents and abilities. Where do your talents and skills lie? What is your philosophy of life and work? Do you use initiative, innovativeness and intuitiveness in your work? How strong are your values and beliefs? Do you have a clear purpose and welldefined personalmission statement?

The QPN Model gives you a framework to weave your skills, talents and abilities into a positive alignment so you can reach your goals and create win-win relationships at the same time.

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