Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs to Get Organized

Have you recognized that you are stressed, overwhelmed, and paralyzed due to your disorganization? Are you losing time, money, and clients? Are you the type that “clears” a space once a month, thinking you are being productive? Are you wasting precious time searching for documents or important files?

Here are 5 reasons your business needs to get organized.

1. Save money. Have you been so disorganized that you are paying your bills late or paying them late because you can’t find them? Are they buried under mounds of paper? Your credit score drops when you pay bills late and your interest rates will increase. You are wasting money in late fees. Keep paying your bills late and you will eventually have to deal with collection agencies, which will also cost you money.

Do you store your supplies in one area? If not, you will be wasting money purchasing duplicate items you already own. Keep all office supplies itemized and categorized in one area in your office.

If you have piles of papers on your desk and thrown into drawers, I will guarantee that there are cash, checks, and gift cards mixed in those drawers and piles.

2. Reduce Stress. We all have stressful situations that arise in our workday. When you are organized and have systems in place, it is much easier to handle a stressful situation.

Organized people recover quicker than disorganized people when a stressful situation occurs. The disorganized person will waste time and energy searching for files, phone numbers, or that important email and it will take them longer to recover from the situation. The organized person handles the stress because they know where everything is in their office. They handle the stress and go about their day.

3. Enjoy more free time. Time management and organization go hand in hand. Utilize a calendar and keep a running to-do list every day. On Friday, take a look at the week coming up to get an idea of what you have scheduled and where you have to be and make a to-do list from that. Every night before you leave work be sure you have a to-do list for the next day.

Streamline your workflow. There is always a more efficient and productive way to complete a task. Re-evaluate how you are functioning and streamline your procedures.

4. More energy. When you consume yourself with clutter and disorganization, your mind will be cluttered too, which will weigh on you mentally. Clear the mental clutter and you will feel much lighter.

5. Your clients will have more confidence in you. We all know the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Picture this scenario: You have a potential client visiting your office for the first time. You have paperwork, business cards, files, etc. all over your desk. Your bulletin board is full of clutter. You are working off piles on the floor and even worse, you struggle to search for something when your potential client is in your office. Your clients are going to wonder if you will misplace their important information. They are praying that their information isn’t going to get mixed in another client’s file. They are going to wonder how efficient and productive you are and if you are distracted by your disorganization.
What is holding you back from getting organized? Get out of your comfort zone and be open to change. There are so many great opportunities out there that you may be missing out on. Make that change, get organized and reap the benefits.

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