To Move or Not To Move? That Is The Question

Graph of the housing market

Graph of the housing market

By Patricia Raskin, Raskin Resources Production

Buying a commercial space, office building or single home for your business is a big decision. The answer in real estate has been said to be in three words: location, location, location! But, there are several other factors to consider in your assessment as well.

Here are 20 short questions to ask yourself before you embark on your search:

1. Why are you looking to move the business?

2. Will moving help you gain more space, find a better location or is it a good investment?

3. Will the move bring you more comfort, ease, peace of mind, security, etc.?

4. Is this a sound financial investment? Your real estate and financial brokers can help you determine that.

5. Is this the right time for a move?

6. Are you at a place in your business where having a bigger space will help you grow?

7. Is this the right location to move on?

8. Can clients find your business easily?

9. Is parking accessible?

10. Do you have good business neighbors?

11. Are they friendly?

12. Could you help each other with leads?

13. Will your office provide an inviting environment to meet with clients?

14. Is the space comfortable, warm and uncluttered?

15. Can you see yourself in this new space for at least three years?

16. Will the space provide you with new growth for your business?

17. Do you feel totally positive and comfortable with this investment and new office space?

18. Is this more than just a good business decision?

19. Will this business move improve the quality of your life?

20. Would you be able to love the space you’re in?

Your agents and brokers can provide you with sound advice. They will do a lot of the homework for you but after all is said and done, it is only YOU who can say yay or nay. So, take in all the information from your wise advisors, then have a heart-toheart talk with yourself and listen to the answer.

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