To Give is Far Better Than to Receive

by Michael Brito

What does the saying, “to give is better than to receive” really mean? Maybe we should look back to our own way of conducting business for a deeper understanding of why we went into business in the first place. When we had that first idea that being an entrepreneur was real, achievable and nothing was impossible…then shortly after we heard that first “no.”

We will always need others to make gains whether it be in our professional or personal lives. We live in communities with other people. If we embrace the idea that other people are involved in our lives, we will indeed be successful. If we operate as if we do not need the help of others, the road to success will be much more difficult. When our company applied for our MBE/DBE status certification it would have been impossible without the help of several individuals that I am still in relationship with! My life was and continues to be enhanced by helping them and being helped by them. We will always need others, no matter what we are involved in.

The way we advance in our careers is actually helping others achieve as well! Looking back at goals and milestones in my business and personal life, every time I reached the next level, I was also reaching back to help someone else on the way up. Call it karma, stewardship or whatever you like but for us, this is our way of conducting business. True success doesn’t happen without first thinking of how we are able to best serve our community.

In my business, we have always hired individuals that are somehow getting looked over or simply need a break. Once hired, often times that individual will be eager to excel through various educational programs we offer or support. We also have sponsored certificate courses that teach through exclusive class-time supported by our hands-on approach. Classes are conducted at our Church and through existing Christian based programs. Most of the time, you can find a course or study group that’s already in place so reinventing the wheel isn’t an issue. We chose to conduct programs through our Church since our business is based upon a “higher principal” however, you may find that there are many other programs out there that are a fine fit for your time and talent!

You will find as you progress into the “giving of yourself” mind-set that you’re the one learning the most. It’s hard to say what I’ve gained through all the various ways we’ve given of ourselves and our resources but I can say that I wouldn’t want one minute or one dime back! So, look to your community for groups in need of what your company has to offer; find a need and fill it.

My Grandfather always said, “Mike, if I don’t see your impact, I don’t see your blessing.” He was a very wise man and through his love of others, showed me just how important filling the needs of our community actually fills our own life to a point of over abundance. So, go ahead, give of yourself and see what a difference it makes in the lives of those you touch and what a difference it will make in you!

If you need any help getting matched with a community based program, civic group or just have a heart to reach out to your own employees and fill a need. Please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to meet with you! Live a full life, give of yourself!

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