The Importance of Customer Service

It is quite evident that many businesses, large and small, do not understand the importance of customer service.  It only takes one bad experience and the once-possible loyal customer is lost. So what is there to do to stand-out from your competition?

The answer is simple, stay attentive to your customer’s needs and they will return! A large part of becoming successful is understanding that every customer is different. When possible, cater to each customer’s needs individually. This yields an experience that can literally be given to no-one else; your clientele will notice this.

Unfortunately, it is natural to remember the bad before the good. In almost all news reports, this is proven by the rates at which negative news overpowers the positive. So imagine the extent to which one poor experience could deter numerous customers away. With that being said, word-of-mouth is quite possibly the most important aspect to consider.

According to a Mckinsey Quarterly article, A New Way to Measure Word-of-Mouth Marketing, in developing markets, 46% of consumers use word of mouth at the moment of purchase. In mature markets, this number is shadowed by internet information. One can only imagine that internet information relates to consumer reviews as well as the company’s marketing strategy.

Results such as these prove the extent to which great service matters.

No matter the size of the company, the patron is quite obviously the most integral part of any business. In such a competitive market, where essentially any product is a click-of-the-mouse away from being purchased at a cheaper rate, why else would the customer purchase a product that would cost them more? Good Service.

For example, our philosophy, unlike most “package” stores in the area, is to cater to each customer’s needs and wants. We remember their names when possible and we remember what they like and dislike.

Obviously size determines the effect to which this can take place. Yet, developing idiosyncrasies such as these, help customers know that you care about their desires without being abrasive or over-bearing.

There are several steps to take in order to enhance your customer service levels. Yet, it all stems from the administrative level. It is essential that management is training their employees the levels of service that their customers expect. In this training it is essential that the level of service is fitting to their company’s position. For instance, a diner should not be training to give fine-dining service, the servers should be trained to stay attentive and cater to each customer’s needs.

In the end, customer service is the single most important piece in every business’ operation. Whether the business is IT based, service based, or product based, make your customers feel appreciated from day one and they will be back. Remember this: You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

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