The Brain For Rent Wants Companies to Survive

There is a question on everyone’s mind when it comes to the events of the last few weeks. The question is what are they going to do in this situation? With the global pandemic reaching dangerous levels, people are scurrying to figure out what their next moves are. It will have either a positive effect or a devastating effect on what happens next in people’s lives.

Because businesses need to be open in order to succeed, there is somebody in the area that is looking to help those in this dire situation. Dave Lubelczyk known as “The Brain For Rent” in Providence wants to help as many businesses as possible get through the trying times that everyone is facing.

“The biggest mistake that I see happening is that companies are going on vacation for a couple of weeks until this potentially blows over,” said Lubelczyk, who is  helping businesses of all sizes and situations from his office at Sprout Co-Working. “That line of thinking is potentially the worst thing any business can do at this point. They need to be moving forward fast, especially if there are other employees involved. They need to have a plan in place to weather the storm and move ahead. Those who do not, run the risk of closing their doors for good.”

Lubelczyk and his clients work for 90 minutes about the company’s mission, productivity and other factors that make up their company. He listens to client’s story and then make suggestions based on the conversation. What he hopes to accomplish is to “Open the Eyes” of the client in terms of what can be done to improve productivity, change the narrative on some of the issues surrounding the business and/or develop a different line of thinking would be considered outside the box.

By being an impartial voice and a sounding board, Lubelczyk hopes that the meeting will end with the client being more aware of what needs to be done to become successful. Also, it may serve as a wake-up call for that company to change their ways so that they do not fail.

“Many of the issues I hear about include time and resource management, employee productivity, goals and objectives and a long-term plan,” Lubelczyk said. “Being able to voice those concerns while defining hopes and dreams will provide a better perspective on what needs to be done and how it could potentially be done better, faster or more efficiently, which is critical at a time like this.”

“Just because a business has done something the same way for a long time doesn’t make it the right way, especially in this business climate.”  he explains. “The same holds true for changing just for the sake of change. That could be counter-productive and ultimately hurt a company’s long-term survival.”

What Lubelczyk hopes to accomplish over the next few weeks is numerous virtual town-hall style talks with various networking and business groups to help brainstorm weathering this storm.

Additionally, he recently created a new, inexpensive service for people to work on their business during this time. Lubelczyk will offer a special service via video or phone for small business and solo entrepreneurs to brainstorm and figure out how to get through this isolation. He hopes to develop a plan to use this time wisely and build business back up and recover after everything is over.

This service includes six one-hour virtual sessions, phone or video, over an 18-day period—one every third day. In between, the partnership will work on the business based on their meetings.

“This keeps you working on your business during this time, and you are ready, you can get back out or even maybe create ways to sell virtually or pre-sell services,” he said. “I’m going to offer this for $300, which normally would be the cost of a single, 90-minute session with me. I want to help small businesses survive.”

If you know any small business or solo entrepreneurs who needs help, or would be interested in the talks put them in contact with Dave.

Life will proceed, department and retail stores will be restocked with product, businesses will get back into a groove but it will be at in a very different mode.

Most importantly, Lubelczyk said “The pandemic has taught everyone the importance of having a back-up plan. People who take measures now or have measures in place to weather this problem will be much better off for it.”

“Businesses have always had to adapt to situations over time to but this has been thrown at them out of the blue” he said. “This is a very rare case where nobody was prepared for what happened. However, the reality is every company and business needs to have a plan in place for such an emergency. Those who do not learn from this episode will ultimately go out of business. That is what I’m trying to avoid by giving these talks.”

More details about “The Brain for Rent” can be found by contacting Dave at: Dave@Theideaturbine.Com or call 508-259-9016.

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