The 4 Bs for Social Media Success

Most companies now agree that Social Media needs to be part of their marketing plan, but there is still some confusion on how to use it to get results. As social media outlets evolve, we need to do more than just throw promotions on Facebook. Engaging your audience is the key, and here are 4 positive, powerful ways to do it:


  • Become a resource. People go online for ideas and advice. Brides search Pinterest for wedding ideas, moms join Facebook groups to share parenting tips, and professionals use LinkedIn and Twitter to ask for industry advice, all the time. These are your customers. Why not be the one that provides advice, tips, and information? You don’t have to supply all of it yourself–be a curator of content. Collect and share articles that would be of interest to your clients. Become the resource that people go to for good information related to your field.


  • Be a hero. Don’t be a “set and forget” social media user. If you monitor your social media, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for you to engage your clients. Keep an eye out for problems that need to be solved and occasions that need to be celebrated. How many times have you seen one of your clients on Facebook, asking “Does anyone know a good plumber/florist/orthopedist/summer camp/movie to see Friday night?” A well-placed suggestion or solution makes YOU the hero of the situation, and the go-to for your clients.


  • Build the community. No company is an island, especially on social media. There are many businesses related to your industry, and you will reap rewards by building a community with those businesses. If you have a great experience doing business with another vendor, mention it on social media and tag their page so they can share the information. If you’re planning an event with another business, team up to promote on both your social media outlets. In this way, you’ll build a true online network and gain access to more people (read: potential clients.)


  • Be yourself. Let your personality come through. Be approachable and have fun! Being on social media with your customers is like running into them at a summer BBQ. You wouldn’t collar a customer to tell them about a 50% off sale over a plate of potato salad, would you? I hope not–or you wouldn’t get invited to many more BBQs! Get to know your customers and their needs, and be sincerely interested.


Using the 4 Bs in your social media will enable you to enrich your life and business through true client engagement. Now get on there and try it today!


Aileen McDonough of 3am Writers is a writer and marketing consultant who advises clients on how to get the most out of social media and content marketing. Jen Osojnicki (Oh-sauna-ski) is a wedding and lifestyle photographer who has taken social media to a new level in her business, using it as a tool to gain clients and develop a truly loyal, engaged following. Jen and Aileen are both members of the Social Media Divas, a group of women who meets regularly to discuss new strategies in social media and is often called upon to speak to groups about the topic.



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