Taste Trekkers Food and Travel Expo Returns to Providence This October

PROVIDENCE, RI – The Taste Trekkers Food and Travel Expo, an event held exclusively for foodies with a passion for culinary travel, will return to Providence, Rhode Island on Friday, October 3 and Saturday, October 4 2014. This unique Expo brings together chefs, farmers, brewers, winemakers, food and travel writers, artisanal food producers, and everyday food lovers for a day of discovering and experiencing cuisines from different regions around the globe.

This year’s Taste Trekkers Expo will be divided into two days to accommodate the growing numbers of interested food enthusiasts. Friday, October 3rd will be geared more towards professionals in the food and tourism industries, whereas Saturday, October 4th, will feature programs designed specifically for the general public. These activities, to be announced in more detail at a later date, will give attendees the chance to take part in expert-led sessions on foods from different regions, experience worldly cuisines in a Tasting Pavilion and attend Ted Talk-Style presentations to magnify their culinary knowledge.

“Our goal is to demonstrate the importance of discovering new cuisines while traveling by expanding attendees’ global palate and exposing them to foods from different regions they might not have considered before,” said Seth Resler, Founder of Taste Trekkers. “On the flip side, this event also presents food to industry insiders as a means of driving a tourism economy and provides the hospitality industry with important expert advice on how best inspire travel through their cuisine.”

More information about the Expo can be found at www.tastetrekkers.com/expo.

Taste Trekkers is currently accepting submissions for food and tourism professionals who would like to speak at the Expo. Speakers can apply at www.tastetrekkers.com/call-for-speakers.

About Taste Trekkers

Founded in 2013, Taste Trekkers is the nation’s leading food tourism website providing travel tips and local food recommendations to thousands of traveling foodies around the globe.  Geared toward people who plan their vacations around food, Taste Trekkers offers curated advice from culinary experts in the form of its Find Dining Podcast, Food & Travel Blog, and its nationally celebrated Food and Travel Expo.

To learn more about Taste Trekkers, visit www.tastetrekkers.com.


Taste Trekkers Website: http://tastetrekkers.com

Taste Trekkers Food & Travel Expo: http://tastetrekkers.com/expo/

Taster Trekkers Expo Speaker Application: http://tastetrekkers.com/call-for-speakers/

Taste Trekkers Speaker Info Sheet: http://tastetrekkers.com/speak/

Taste Trekkers Podcast: http://tastetrekkers.com/podcast

Taste Trekkers iPhone App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/taste-trekkers-find-dining/id829133147

Taste Trekkers Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tastetrekkers.android.mysterymeet


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