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Cesspool & Septic Upgrades

Failed system replacement

We have been talking to local realtors gathering important feedback for you to use and/or share with your friends and family about the new legislation on cesspools/septic systems. Knowledge is power and so often spending a little time, money & energy learning about your system (and options) could save you thousands $$$ by putting you in the driver’s seat!

Understanding your options can help you make the decision to either be proactive and upgrade your system prior to listing your property or put you in a much better position to negotiate with a buyer…

If you or someone you know is thinking about selling…please feel free to share our information with them.

Did You Know… (we’re going to keep reminding you) that replacing a cesspool is considered a repair by DEM. DEM will agree to adjustments (within reason) that are necessary to upgrade a substandard system. There is definitely a misconception out there that the only new system allowed these days is a (the Rolls Royce) denitrification system. More often than not a more conventional system will work.

“…one real concern is when a property has a cesspool vs. a septic and each town/city is taking a different approach to citing owners/new owners.” Marie Theriault, Broker Associate & Realtor Re/Max Flagship

“It is important for homeowners contemplating a sale to be educated on the options that are available for replacement and the potential costs. The costs can vary greatly and be devastating to owners that are up against negative equity” Allen Gammons, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices – Gammons Realty

“Proactivity regarding septic systems will be important to sellers and I believe listing agents will be suggesting it. If the system is a cesspool, action is required regardless if it works properly or not.” Mark Oltedale – Home Smart Professionals Real Estate

Filling in a swimming pool?

Swimming Pools & Real Estate Values – a very popular discussion.

Whether you already own a home with a pool, that maybe has gone from being a staple of your family culture to an eyesore that brings you stress every time you look at the back yard, or you’re a potential buyer and you love the home but that in-ground pool is at the top of your ‘cons’ list – we thought we’d share some tips on how to get rid of it the right way!

A visual tutorial on what we think the best way to fill in a pool is:

-haul away (all) the concrete, then;

-install gravel in compacted lifts, and…

…that’s how we do it, no sinks holes.  EVER.


Grenco pool

Grenco - pool #1

Grenco pool #2


Pools can be a great source of family fun and exercise but they can also be a great source of stress.  We’ve been lucky enough to take part on both sides of the ‘pool’ debate – helping clients install and create their dream oasis whether it meant removing their greatest source of stress and creating a lush landscape or excavating and installing their dream pool area!

Happy Summer!

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