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REVIVAL 2016: Spreading the Power of Entrepreneurship Across Rhode Island’s Economy

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The Power of Entrepreneurship was integral to early 17th century trade on Narragansett Bay, support of religious freedom, the founding of Rhode Island, the push for American independence from Britain, the genesis of the Industrial Revolution, and the state’s dynamic prosperity throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Our storied past offers the path to reviving and recreating the state’s future.

Today, as Rhode Island and the nation grapple with increasingly challenging social, technological and economic changes, teaching and implementing entrepreneurial thinking and skills into every aspect of daily life are critical keys to our growth and prosperity in the 21st century.

Entrepreneurship is the key to re-energizing all the failed parts of Rhode Island.

REVIVAL 2016: Spreading the Power of Entrepreneurship Across Rhode Island’s Economy explains how.

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Kenneth Proudfoot is an entrepreneur, author, teacher, musician, filmmaker, and gyotaku print artist. He is a strategic marketing consultant, and grant writer for schools and non-profit organizations.

He is the Dean of the School of Professional Development at Kenney College (FL) and a founding member of the college’s Board of Governors. He was previously Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Founding Director of the Larry Friedman International Center for Entrepreneurship at Johnson & Wales University and has taught entrepreneurship thinking to students, business owners, and government leaders in 25 countries.

Proudfoot served four years in the U.S. Peace Corps and is bilingual Spanish. He is a founding member of the board of directors of The Lingzi Foundation that honors the life of Chinese Boston University student who died in the Boston Marathon bombing attack. He is a member of the Board of Trustees for the First Baptist Church of North Kingstown where he teaches adult Bible Study each Sunday morning. He is the founder of 100 Entrepreneurs and the School of Real Life. He is the author of 40 Things Fishermen Can Do To Raise The Value of Their Catch, Children’s Book of Home Rules and most recently, The Life & Business Philosophy of Austin T. Levy, Visionary Entrepreneur (March 2015). He is the editor and publisher of Why Rhode Island Matters!: First in Independence, Industry, Art & Innovation, now in its third printing.

He is the writer, producer and director of the forthcoming documentary, The Amazing Life & Times of Austin T. Levy, Visionary Entrepreneur, filmed at sites in Burrillville, Rhode Island; Nassau, on the island of New Providence, Bahamas; and on the island of Eleuthera, Bahamas. The film will be broadcast by PBS Rhode Island and on Bahamas national television.

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