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Integrated Builders Begins Fourth Tenant Fit-Up at 10 Memorial Boulevard in Providence, RI

ROCKLAND, MA – Integrated Builders, a firm specializing in general contracting and construction management services, announced today that it has begun a 5,000 square-foot (sf) tenant fit-up for Rockland Trust at 10 Memorial Boulevard in Providence, RI. Notably, this marks the second project that Integrated Builders has undertaken on behalf of the commercial bank, and the fourth tenant fit-up the firm will complete at 10 Memorial Boulevard, bringing the total size of work at the building to 25,000 sf.


The Rockland Trust fit-up will take place on the 9th floor of 10 Memorial Boulevard and is an expansion of the firm’s existing office space. The enhanced workspace will include new mechanical and electrical systems and plumbing, as well as updated walls and finishes to support 15 individual offices, two new conference rooms, and an employee lounge. Additionally, a large portion of the existing entrance walls will be replaced with glass panes, providing a vibrant, well-lit environment.


“Working within a fully-operational building is an environment that we are very experienced with, and we are skilled in handling any challenges that may be presented,” commented Jay Dacey, President of Integrated Builders. “As this is the second project that we have undertaken with the firm, we have a great understanding of their needs, desires, and requirements. We are confident that we will not only deliver an outstanding final space, but also meet the expected deadlines on time, and within budget.”


Integrated Builders will work with architecture firm DRL Associates, Inc., and engineering service provider Engineering Design Services, Inc.


Conveniently located less than a mile from I-95 at Exit 22, 10 Memorial Boulevard boasts a premier location situated between the Providence Place Mall and Waterplace Park. Offering direct access to an abundance of dining and shopping options, the building is a premier work and play destination. Notable tenants include the GTECH Corporation, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, and Fidelity Investments.


Rockland Trust is a full-service commercial bank headquartered in Massachusetts. Rockland Trust offers a wide range of banking, investment, and insurance services to businesses and individuals through retail branches, commercial lending offices, investment management offices, and residential lending centers located in Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.



Cesspool & Septic Upgrades

Failed system replacement

We have been talking to local realtors gathering important feedback for you to use and/or share with your friends and family about the new legislation on cesspools/septic systems. Knowledge is power and so often spending a little time, money & energy learning about your system (and options) could save you thousands $$$ by putting you in the driver’s seat!

Understanding your options can help you make the decision to either be proactive and upgrade your system prior to listing your property or put you in a much better position to negotiate with a buyer…

If you or someone you know is thinking about selling…please feel free to share our information with them.

Did You Know… (we’re going to keep reminding you) that replacing a cesspool is considered a repair by DEM. DEM will agree to adjustments (within reason) that are necessary to upgrade a substandard system. There is definitely a misconception out there that the only new system allowed these days is a (the Rolls Royce) denitrification system. More often than not a more conventional system will work.

“…one real concern is when a property has a cesspool vs. a septic and each town/city is taking a different approach to citing owners/new owners.” Marie Theriault, Broker Associate & Realtor Re/Max Flagship

“It is important for homeowners contemplating a sale to be educated on the options that are available for replacement and the potential costs. The costs can vary greatly and be devastating to owners that are up against negative equity” Allen Gammons, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices – Gammons Realty

“Proactivity regarding septic systems will be important to sellers and I believe listing agents will be suggesting it. If the system is a cesspool, action is required regardless if it works properly or not.” Mark Oltedale – Home Smart Professionals Real Estate

Thinking About Building A New Home?

DP blog - Thinking about buying a home?


This is the one you have been waiting for, right?  Where do you begin?  You’re right in asking this question because if you have not done this before…there is so much that takes place from concept to completion.  Scary, huh? – it doesn’t have to be if you have a knowledgeable instructor!  It’s true that I don’t know the first thing about selling a car (mark up costs, carrier, dealer, lease obligations, etc.), and I’m not a heart surgeon and wouldn’t pretend to be even after a long night with friends – but, when it comes to building a home, I feel pretty confident that I can assist you.

This is why I am going to share some of my expertise with you over the next 10 weeks or so — walking you through all the steps — from planning your home concept all the way through to placing the silverware in the kitchen drawer! 

Let start with…

STEP 1: 

Planning- Where do you want to live?

This may sound foolish, but it is really not.  Some people spend the least amount of time on this one, when it is really the most critical part.  This ONE question consist of:

Can I afford the neighborhood: taxes, insurance, square footage requirements (in some developments) and on and on…

Am I getting married, if so, are we planning on having children: how are the public school systems…

What style houses go within the area of my choice(s) – you don’t want to over build or settle for something that is not appealing to you – what is my desired living space/square footage?

Atmosphere in the area – things to do – quality of life (probably the most important question in Step 1 believe it or not!)

What’s my minimum expectation for land/lot size – am I okay with just a small buildable lot size (maybe in close proximity to shared green space or community areas/playgrounds, etc…) or do I want ACRES?

Do I want to own livestock?

Do I want to live off the grid – times are getting tough…

Can I find a house similar to my ‘list’ that might just need slight remodel work vs. a new build– and possibly save thousands (or tens of thousands)?

Is this my permanent home or is it for only 5, 6, 8, 10 years?

Do I really want to own a home – and do I want the responsibilities that come along with home ownership like landscaping, interior/exterior maintenance, those resulting improvement costs, the never ending ‘to do list’, etc…?

Does it still sound scary?  No worries, Craig DiPetrillo is here, to make your decision making process a whole lot easier!  If you have the time, jump in and we’ll look at this one step at a time, together.  This week, let’s focus on getting the answers to the 10 questions above.  In addition to each week’s blog that will consecutively cover each step, we will post a ‘public’ question received with my answer, relative to the last step discussed.  If you have a question on this current step, please email it to  We will draw one or two from the group to answer.

Coming next week, STEP 2:  Planning – selecting a home design, financing, and a contractor.

DiPetrillo Properties specializes in home building and renovations.  We have over 25 years of design, construction and investment talent and experience waiting to be utilized on your next project.  Call us today for a free in-house consultation with no obligation.



This is a very interesting question, especially for my Rhode Island friends…

The color mentioned – ‘khaki’, e.g., tan, beige, desert sand, khaki…THE LIGHT BROWNS!!! It is the color family that has dominated the RI home market for decades. Why? Rhode Island has made two things clear:

1.  fried calamari should be served tossed in an olive oil/balsamic vinegar with yellow banana peppers and some garlic, and;

2.  the raised ranch home is the ideal contractor spec home and should have an exterior vinyl color of “khaki”.

Why khaki? When building a spec home (a contractors model home speculated to sell) they want to be certain to stay with the neutral coloring as it has been proven to be the most appealing and calming. Even if the color of ” khaki” is not the first choice of the inquiring and potential home buyer – chances are they will not walk away or lose interest in purchasing the home vs. the houses with a loud finish/exterior color which is more costly to cover up or change if disliked. And, this is the same reason that “bone white” is most often the chosen paint for the interior walls and white for six panel interior doors. This is the leading package that has been sold in Rhode Island for 20 years this coming August! Why are we seeing less of this model/package all of a sudden? Why the change? Simple. Contractors have been choosing to opt out of building spec homes from ground up due to the economy and the slowing (to almost extinction) of the middle class. These very important segments will need to be thriving if we’re to see that “khaki” raised ranch boom again!

And in the last five years contractors began to shift gears away from the fully guttedflip trend (which is now becoming very scarce) to flips with cosmetic touches. These cosmetic touchups I warn you…be careful. The permitting process is a bit sketchy, as it does not always require attention to: electrical, plumbing and mechanical areas. However, many contractors find these projects to be very lucrative and profitable and there are A LOT out there for sale now. Just a word of warning – if you do notknow your contractor, you better investigate them well – I find this “cosmetic” homeflip as the #1 cover up complaint in Rhode Island!

Craig DiPetrillo – DiPetrillo Properties – Planning, Investments, Construction

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