START-UP OR RE-START…you have help in Rhode Island!

Where Can The MBE/DBE Turn For Support, Strength, And Guidance?

by Michael Brito

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It is without reservation that I express how tough it is to maintain momentum once you get your idea off the ground. With help, I’ve started and re-started several ventures in Rhode Island and can show anyone the challenges my team and I have faced, which we are very proud of! In sharing my advice with you, I reference those challenges. I believe we should lean on the shoulders of the wise, since they have stumbled the path of success before us. I also recommend gaining ideas, insight, and guidance from reliable sources such as one-on-one mentoring, industry specific means, industry focused associations and retired business owner groups, all of which offer a vast array of advice and knowledge.

If you are a certified Minority Business Enterprise/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (MBE/DBE) in Rhode Island you are already aware of the help offered by such groups as Rhode Island Department of Transportation, Mission 360, and Rhode Island Small Business Journal. You should also be aware of the many private businesses whose primary focus is on small business development such as Rhode Island Small Business Development Association, local chambers of commerce, Service Corp of Retired Executives (SCORE), and many more groups that offer free, if not reduced fees for new business ventures that focus on the MBE/DBE community.

A high priority must be placed on maintaining the ‘start-up mentality’ beyond the start-up phase of any small business. We must be aware of what it takes from us to be an entrepreneur: when others are watching the game on television, we’re working on our development; when others are sleeping, we’re not; when others are eating out, we’re cooking at home to save for that new tool that will put us in front of the competition; and when we are meeting with our business mentors, community leaders, and association builders, others are at the movies…well, you get the point!

Please focus on this statistic, over 85% of all small businesses fail within the first 18 months of launching! Choose to be in the 15% by taking action. I encourage you to do three things each day that are specifically focused on your businesses future growth, if you need help with this please call me. Who you spend the most time with makes a difference. Surround yourself with winners, take from them what will grow your business toward the goals you’ve set. If you haven’t reviewed your goals for the coming year and need help with this please call me. As always, I trust this article has been somewhat helpful for you. I enjoy hearing from all of you so if you have questions, thoughts, or would like my personal attention just reach out, thank you for focusing on a great 2016. See you on the job-site!

Michael Brito
Team Member, Managing the Road Ahead

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