Small Business Develops Affordable Professional Tools for Engineers, Makers and Students

Cranston, RI – Bay Computer Associates, a small contract electronics software design company has launched their first-ever product line via the crowd-funding website Kickstarter. By providing an inexpensive series of cooperative prototyping tools which enable simple and efficient creation one-of-a-kind systems, they aim to bridge the gap between engineers and professional-grade equipment.

This small Rhode Island company has no desire to limit their product to only professionals, however. At a recent Maker Faire, they received a lot of positive feedback from the Maker community and a high level of interest from eager students with an interest in electronics. One professor from the Community College of Rhode Island stated that the series of devices “would be an excellent tool for the classroom” and was looking forward to the Kickstarter campaigns launch.

Traditionally, prototyping electronic systems is complex ad expensive. BCA sought to address this issue by breaking down the prototyping process into fundamental subsystems. From this viewpoint, they have begun to develop various, inexpensive devices which test, actuate, and provide necessary data collection on a modular scale. Additionally, these easy-to-use devices are packaged with corresponding software and examples of use.

BCA’s hope is that by gaining enough interest and funds from the initial campaign, they can support a complete series of related products in the future, expanding the scope of available tools. Help support the engineer, maker, or student in your life, and make their projects more affordable by supporting this campaign: 

About BCA: Bay Computer Associates  is a contract electronics and software design firm based in Cranston, Rhode Island. Founded in 1989, BCA has provided design services for both start-up and Fortune 500 companies. Their 26 years of broad-industry experience allows them to handle complex projects in a myriad of application areas, with their permanent and dedicated staff.

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